Snow Day

February 18, 2014

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…but really it was more like snow days. last week, we had the biggest snow i’ve ever seen. tuesday through thursday it snowed and it was the most glorious thing. waking up and looking outside at all white was magical. we sat by the fire for three days straight, drank coffee, and worked from home. i couldn’t have been happier! seriously…snow down here in the south is a huge¬†treat.
^all of our firewood, covered in snow!
^look at all that white – my favorite!

between the polar vortex earlier this winter, this snow storm, and the earthquake in sc that followed, this has been the craziest winter! i’ve loved every bit of it, but spring, i’m ready for ya!

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13 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Emma Kate

    Stunning photos!! It sounds like you had a wonderful few days snowed in! Days spent by the fire while the snow falls out your window are always lovely. Also, I couldn’t be more smitten with your blue Hunter boots!

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