Strawberry Picking

May 22, 2017

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Strawberry Picking 27Strawberry Picking 13Strawberry picking…it’s an 18 month old’s paradise. Getting to actually put in their mouth and eat what they pick up from the ground outside!? Score! ;) Piper definitely thought she hit the jackpot with this afternoon activity.

It was so fun watching her figure out what to do..she caught on so fast! And this little lady does not discriminate when it comes to strawberries. The overly ripe, unripe, white, and mushy, she wanted them all. Ha. We went strawberry picking for the first time with her last year on mother’s day weekend, when she was about 6 months old. Now that she’s older and we knew she’d love it, we went for mother’s day again this year. I think it’s becoming a tradition for our mother’s day weekend, and I absolutely adore it. See more of our afternoon after the jump!

Strawberry Picking 11Strawberry Picking 3Strawberry Picking 1_edited-1Strawberry Picking 14Dress: Sonnet James Dress | Boots: Hunter Boots | Sunglasses: Maui Jim SunglassesStrawberry Picking 16Strawberry Picking 12Strawberry Picking 6Strawberry Picking 8Strawberry Picking 5Strawberry Picking 17Strawberry Picking 23Strawberry Picking 19Strawberry Picking 18Strawberry Picking 15Strawberry Picking 22Strawberry Picking 28Strawberry Picking 24Strawberry Picking 25Contrary to what it looks like, this is not me helping her eat. This is me rescuing her from trying to swallow a strawberry whole. That child…Strawberry Picking 20Strawberry Picking 29Strawberry Picking 31Strawberry Picking 9Strawberry Picking 7Strawberry Picking 4Strawberry Picking 30Strawberry Picking 33Strawberry Picking 2Can we you tell we loved it!?

If you have a chance, this is an activity I highly recommend. An afternoon well spent!

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