Teal + Burgundy

January 8, 2015

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Teal and Burgundy via Love Lola
Burgundy Hat | Love Lola Blog
Black Kate Spade
Teal and Burgundy | Love Lola Blog
hat: ruche, old (similar) | sweater: banana republic, old (similar) | jeans: paige | boots: sam eldeman | purse: kate spade 

i use to be crazy over teal. as a preteen, i even had teal rubberbands for my braces. ha! i’ve since calmed down a bit and lean more towards neutrals, like black and white. but i do love a good teal sweater every now and then. this one has been in my wardrobe forever, but i still love it just as much as the day i bought it. it’s cozy and warm, but not too heavy. and it reminds me of my teal roots ;).

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