The Donut Experiment

March 30, 2016

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The Donut ExperimentAs much as I try to eat healthy, donuts will forever be the death of me. Like seriously, why are they so good!? I’ve always had the worst sweet tooth, so I like to try and give up sugar for a bit here and there, just so I don’t over-do it. These pictures are from a couple months ago when the air was just starting to warm, but still chilly, and we took a family trip to The Donut Experiment. I love how you can get creative and personalize your donuts here. We went with oreo, maple bacon, and strawberry icing with fruity pebbles. So yummy!The Donut Experiment 10The Donut ExperimentThe Donut ExperimentThe Donut ExperimentScofield dressed Piper for our outing, haha. I can see where he was going with the outfit, putting together cotton candy colors, but this picture makes me laugh every time. Piper’s like, “Dad, what am I wearing?” ;)The Donut ExperimentThe Donut ExperimentI mean, do these not look amazing!? Such a fun little donut shop and family date! And if you’re interested, you can see more ‘Around Town’ posts here!

The Donut Experiment
2123 Augusta Rd.
Greenville, SC 29605

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