The State of My Life Right Now…

June 26, 2014

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lots have been going on lately, and this picture pretty much sums it all up! we bought a house. we’ve been doing insane amounts of construction on that house. i got a dietetic internship [yayy!!], which means in t-minus 8 months i will be able to take the RD exam to become a registered dietitian. these past two weeks i’ve had orientation in columbia, so i’ve pretty much been commuting to and fro’ – partially living out of my car. i mean, how am i suppose to pick out an outfit if my clothes are all packed up!? solution…half of my closet is now in my car.

so basically…all aspects of my life are a mess.

our new house. our old house. my car. my brain. i just keep reminding myself it is all going to be worth it. i am going to make it to the end of these 8 months and be an RD, our house is going to be wonderful, and so homey, and so worth the construction process. not to mention we are so so blessed to have all of the help we have had on the new house. and i can’t really complain… i’ve done pretty much none of it from being in columbia. my father-in-law and my husband are both rockstars…and so selfless. so for that i am extremely grateful.

here’s to taking a deep breath, and taking it day by day…

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12 thoughts on “The State of My Life Right Now…

  1. Grace Mattei

    That’s how mine & my husband’s lives are right now. Completely chaotic with new/in between jobs, moving in three weeks, a trip this weekend, so many things to coordinate. But I always tend to think the new & chaotic starts are always the most fun! Congrats on the house & the internship; that’s amazing! :)

    xo, grace (

  2. Anna

    I would really love to see how this space turns out, Lauren! Good luck with everything and enjoy it while you can (I know it seems so exhausting, but it must be so much fun too, right?)

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