Things People Say to Pregnant Women

December 9, 2015

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The Things People Say to Pregnant Women | Love Lola


Throughout my pregnancy, one thing I discovered is that some people have no filter. That, or they think that it is completely acceptable to throw all manners aside and express their opinion of a pregnant woman’s body and decisions. It really is the most interesting thing. By the end, I had become pretty immune to it and thinking back on the comments can still get a good laugh. I thought I would share some of them here!

“I could tell you were pregnant!” (I was 10 weeks and not even remotely showing…)

“Was this on purpose?

“Look at your little pooch….”

“Any day now!” (When I still had 10 weeks left to go…)

“There’s no way you are going to make it to your due date … you are huge!”

“How are you even walking right now!?” (haha, I think this one was my favorite)

Of course there were the sweet and kind comments too, and much more of those than the negative ones! What are some of the crazy things people have said to you while expecting!?

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