Third Trimester Survival Kit

February 14, 2018

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The third trimester of pregnancy is beautiful and magical, and something I’m sure I’ll miss one day (wink, wink), but it’s also accompanied by sleepless nights, heartburn, exhaustion, and lots of discomfort. I thought I’d share with you guys my favorite products that are getting me by, day by day, until this little nugget comes.


I’ve loved using this humidifier. Your immune system is down when you’re pregnant, and I’ve been hit by cold season hard. Last pregnancy my sinuses were a disaster in the first trimester, and this time around it’s in the third. Running a humidifier at night has been extremely helpful and definitely makes for a better night’s sleep.

Pregnancy Pillow

I cannot live without this pillow. I started using it much early than I thought I would need to, around 5 months, and it has made all the difference. We spent a week at the Grove Park Inn and I didn’t take it because I thought surely I’d be fine with all the fluffy hotel pillows. But nope. Nothing beats this thing.

Maternity Shapewear

When you’re wearing tighter clothes, this shapewear really smooths all the lumps and bumps out ;). It also adds some added support, which is helpful the bigger you get.

BeautyCounter Body Oil in Citrus Rosemary

I’ve been using this body oil every night on my belly to help prevent stretch marks. So far, so good! I love knowing it’s a high quality oil, so not only am I using something that’s safe for my skin and body, but I know it’ll perform. Plus, it smells divine.


Heartburn is a b****. I pop these on the regular during the third trimester. Also, I’ve oddly been craving them this pregnancy. So weird, I know!

BeautyCounter Body Butter

Another product I use to help prevent stretch marks. It also helps combat dry, itchy skin during the winter.

Dwell and Slumber

This dress is a must-have. I ordered it in two colors and want to live in them. They are perfect for a bump, and nursing friendly. And the best part…you can sleep in them or dress them up and wear them out. I plan on taking one to the hospital and lounging around in it after the baby comes too.

The First Forty Days Book

This book is all about how to care for yourself during the “fourth” trimester – the post-partum period after the baby comes. It’s something I didn’t do as well with Piper, which I think is why I ended up having some post partum depression. I’m excited to really hunker down and rest after this recipe, and try some of the nourishing recipes the book includes!

Third Trimester Tea

I know I’ve talked about this tea before, and I’ll talk about it again! It’s my favorite for prepping your body for labor. And it tastes wonderful. Coffee starts to make me nauseous again in the third trimester, so I’ve been all about tea lately.

There you have it, my third trimester survival kit! What products are you guys loving!?


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