What I Packed in my Hospital Bag

April 18, 2018

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What I Packed In My Hospital Bag | lovelolablog.com

When I was at the hospital with Piper, I felt drastically unprepared with what I packed in my hospital bag. It probably didn’t help that I didn’t start packing it until I went in labor ;). This time around, having already experienced the post delivery hospital stay, I felt much more equipped for what you do and don’t need at the hospital, and I’m sharing them both here with you today!

What I Packed In My Hospital Bag | lovelolablog.com


  • Nursing Gown – I love this one by dwell and slumber. It’s so cozy and loose, and perfectly breastfeeding friendly. I’ve been living in it post-partum at home as well.
  • Robe – If you plan on having visitors, I felt much more comfortable wearing a robe. You’ll still look relatively pregnant, have thick pads on with bleeding, etc. and having an extra layer to cover up was much more comfortable for me.
  • Dark maternity leggings, yoga pants, or jogger pants – I love these by make + model. So cozy, and I took the black ones to the hospital in case I bled through. These are my other favorite pair.
  • Nursing tank or flowy top – I would pair a nursing tank and a robe with my jogger pants, or a flowy, comfortable top.
  • Going home outfit – I’d recommend an extra pair of cozy jogger pants and loose top for going home. You’re usually at the hospital for two nights, and between getting peed on with diaper changes and spit up, I went through all the clothes I brought.
  • Nursing friendly pajamas – I slept in my nursing gown or jogger pants, but I know some people like to bring separate pajamas as well. I love these!
  • Slippers – I didn’t want to walk barefoot or with my socks on the gross hospital floor, so having slippers was vital. I’m obsessed with these. They are so worth the investment!
  • Warm, cozy socks – I love these socks by barefoot dreams. They are relatively expensive for a pair of socks, but seriously so worth it. I’ve been living in them, and there is just something about having warm feet after having a baby.
  • Your pillow from home – It’s already hard to get sleep at the hospital, laying in a hospital bed with nurses coming in and out and a hungry baby. Having my pillow made it just a little bit more comfortable and I swear helped me sleep better. Be sure to bring one for your spouse too if he’s staying the night. Poor guy has it worse on the chair or couch ;). You can also put your pillows from home in a colored pillowcase to decipher what’s yours.
  • Nursing pillow – Speaking of pillows, it’s also really helpful to have your nursing pillow with you. I use the boppy nursing pillow.
  • Blanket from home – I also brought a cozy blanket from home, which made me more comfortable at the hospital.
  • Cheap flip flops – You’ll want these for the shower, trust me.
  • Nursing bras – I brought two nursing bras since you’ll immediately start nursing around the clock (if you plan to breastfeed), if you choose to wear a bra at all.
  • Toiletries – I brought travel sized toiletries to make them easier to transport. I brought shower and skincare items, as well as a few makeup basics to make me feel a little more rested and human. I also brought a hair brush and blow dryer, although I ended up just letting my hair air dry.
  • Camera + camera charger
  • Snacks – I brought some snacks for Piper to have when she came to visit us at the hospital. We also had some family and friends that would bring us food, so we felt very well fed during our stay.
  • Gift from baby to sibling – We wrapped this Hazel Village rabbit and gave it to Piper at the hospital, from Fields. She was so excited to get a gift from her baby brother. I’ve also heard of having the older sibling pick out a gift for the new baby and bring it to the hospital when they come visit, to also help them be excited. We never got around to this, but I think it’s a great idea!
  • Water bottle – You’ll be so thirsty when you’re nursing. I brought a big water bottle to refill and kept it by my bedside.
  • Nursing balm – You might be sore as you start nursing, so this is really helpful to have.
  • Stool softener, prenatal vitamin, motrin – I brought my own meds to avoid the large pharmacy bill from our hospital stay like last time! These are generally the medications they try to offer you, unless you need stronger pain meds. You can also ask your doctor to write you a prescription for extra strength motrin before you go into labor, and go ahead and pick it up and pack it. They can instruct you on dosage as well.
  • Heating pad – I brought a heating pad which helped a lot with my back pain and after birth contractions. Ugh, those are the worst!

What I Packed In My Hospital Bag | lovelolablog.com


  • Car seat
  • Swaddle blankets – The hospital will provide endless swaddle blankets, but I also like to have my own, especially to cover baby up on the car ride home if it’s a cool day.
  • Three outfits for hospital stay – Once again, I recommend bringing a few extra outfits for baby. Baby boy diaper changes are completely new to us, so he definitely peed on a few outfits. He spit up a little bit too and dirtied some outfits that way. To make it easiest, we just brought a few sleeping gowns or set of footie pajamas.
  • Hat
  • Going home outfit
  • Burp cloths – They really shouldn’t be spitting up too much at this point, but if they do burp cloths are nice to have. Although, we just used the hospital blue and pink swaddle blankets.
  • Socks – I completely forgot to bring socks and had to have my mom go pick some up. Gotta keep those baby feet warm!

What I Packed In My Hospital Bag | lovelolablog.com


For our stay, we packed one bag with everything in it, plus an extra backpack for labor. The plan was to just take in the “labor backpack” when we came to the hospital, and to go get the rest of our things after the baby was born. In our labor backpack, we packed:

  • Portable bluetooth speaker + charger – We use the UE Boom. I have to have calming, worship music while I labor so we made sure to bring our speakers. We created a playlist on spotify that we played on our phone through the speakers.
  • Peppermint gum – Having your spouse or support person chew peppermint gum will help with nausea if they are speaking close to your face.
  • Essential oils – We brought lavender and peppermint. Peppermint to help with nausea and lavender for it’s calming effects. Some people use clary sage oil during labor to help stimulate stronger contractions. You can diffuse them, put a few drops on a wet washcloth, or add a few drop to spray bottle and spray around the room.
  • Bobby pins and extra hair ties
  • Wallet with ID + Insurance card
  • Phone + Phone charger

What I Packed In My Hospital Bag | lovelolablog.com


  • Wipes and Diapers – The hospital will provide these for you. Take any extra ones home!
  • Pads – The hospital will also provide these, but have your own at home ready to go!
  • Underwear – I wouldn’t bother bringing any to the hospital. They’ll have giant mesh panties for you, and trust me, you’ll want to be in these! Plus, if you bleed through you don’t have to worry about ruining anything.
  • Nursing pads – If you’re nursing, your milk won’t come in until day 3-5, so you shouldn’t be leaking milk at this point.
  • Perineal Spray – I’d recommend having this one at home, but I never use it at the hospital. They always have dermaplast numbing spray which is what I stick with the first couple of days.
  • Perineal Spray Bottle – They’ll also have this at the hospital, so I wouldn’t worry about bringing your own.
  • Ice packs – The giant ice packs that the hospital once again provides are amazing.

What I Packed In My Hospital Bag | lovelolablog.com

With all of these items, take home anything you didn’t use during your stay because you’ll need it at home. It’s also good to stock up on these items and have them at home before you leave for the hospital. That way, you don’t have to worry about them when you get home. Terminix also offers amazing services, so you don’t have to worry about any creatures or critters disrupting your home or yard when you get home from the hospital, as that will be the last thing on your mind! See their full list of services, here.

And that covers everything! This is everything that worked for me, and I hope its helpful!

This post is in partnership with Terminix Services, Inc. but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make this blog possible!

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