In American Football, the term “Hellbent” means to play as hard or with more determination than normal. Other meanings include: 1) a hellish state of affairs 2) an intense fixation 3) set on achieving something

Where does the word hellbent come from?

The word hellbent is a combination of the words hell and bent. Hell is an old English word for the underworld or the place of torment, while bent means to force something or someone into a particular shape.

What does the word plunging means?

Plunging is the act of throwing something down or letting it fall into a body of water. It can also mean to dive headfirst, as in a swimming competition.

What does plunge mean in swimming?

A plunge is a swimming stroke in which the swimmer moves their arms and legs together, then pushes off of the wall with both feet to propel themselves forward. Its a powerful kick that propels the swimmer through the water.

What is plunge and example?

A plunge is a type of shot in pool billiards. It is used to pocket balls that are close together by hitting them with the cue ball and then following through with a second hit on the object ball.

Can you redraw in Magic The Gathering?

Unfortunately, Magic The Gathering is a game that has been around since 1993. Its not possible to redraw in the game because of copyright restrictions.

How do you use well timed?

Well timed is a game mechanic that allows the player to avoid obstacles. When you are well timed, the blue bar on your screen fills up and you can pass through obstacles with ease.

What bleeding edge means?

The bleeding edge is the most advanced and newest technology. Its a term used in computer science to describe the newest, most cutting-edge version of a product or service.

What does beating around the bush mean?

It means to avoid answering a question or making an important decision. It is also used to describe when someone tries to make a point without directly saying what they are trying to say.

What is a plaintiff cry?

A plaintiff cry is a sound that can be heard from the plaintiff when they are in court. It is usually a loud, long wail that lasts for about 10 seconds.

Has been seized meaning?

Seizure is a medical term for the act of seizing something, usually an object. It can also refer to the seizure of a persons body by another person or group.

What does the plaintive mean in the Solitary Reaper?

The plaintive is a musical term that is used to describe the sound of a solo instrument. It is usually heard in classical music, but can be found in many other genres as well.

What does you are heaven sent mean?

You are heaven-sent is a phrase that means you were born at the perfect time, in the perfect place. It can also mean that youre so good at something that its almost like youre from another world.