You’re a new member of Greek life and you don’t know what to do. This introduction post covers some basic questions every neophyte should ask before throwing their hat in the ring.

What is a neophyte in Greek life? |

Neophyte is a short form of the Greek word neophyte, which means novice. Someone who is fresh to the organization is referred to as a novice. On Yard: A student group that is currently active on campus. NPHC sorority ladies refer to one another as “sisters” or “sorors” inside their organization.

Then there’s the question of what sands symbolize in Greek life.

Sands – A word used by the NPHC to refer the members of your new member class or Greeks who joined the same semester as you. The term “cross the scorching sands” indicates “to pass over (be initiated) into full membership.”

What does the word “made” signify in Greek culture? “Made” is a phrase used to describe members of the “Divine Nine” who have gone through a rigorous initiation procedure. Those who succeed in crossing the “hot sands” are considered “made.”

In light of this, what does ADP stand for in Greek culture?

Dean of Pledges is a historical term that certain organizations still employ. The assistant dean would be ADOP/ADP. Someone who has de-pledged or quit pledging is referred to as a drop.

In Greek culture, what does it mean to be paper?

People who are “paper” (i.e., those who do not engage in the underground process) lack the considerable peer consensus that “genuine” Greeks vow, making becoming a Greek in minority areas a do-or-die scenario for those who desire it badly enough.

Answers to Related Questions

How many hours of community service are required for AKA?

Alpha Kappa Alpha is an African American women’s sorority that focuses on community service. If you’re an undergraduate and want to join the AKA, look for a local chapter and make sure you match the basic standards. Maintain a cumulative GPA of C plus or above while taking at least 12 credit hours in one semester.

In sorority, what does LS stand for?

Sister of the Line

Mom, what is a pledge?

A Pledge Mom is a sorority member who educates new members what it’s like to be a part of the sorority and assists them in transitioning into the life of an initiated member.

What exactly does the Divine 9 imply?

The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) is a collaboration of nine worldwide Greek lettered fraternities and sororities with historically African American roots. The “Divine Nine” is a term that refers to the nine NPHC organizations as a group.

Why do Akas have 20 pearls on their necks?

Because we would not exist without them, the Pearl Necklace represents our foundation, our founders, and our corporations. New members are given a necklace with 20 pearls when they are initiated into the sorority. The founders are represented by sixteen pearls, while the women who founded the sorority are represented by four pearls.

What exactly is Greek strolling?

Most people think of strolling as a leisurely stroll around a park or a gentle skip across a lovely meadow. Allow me to explain… Many Greek fraternities and sororities of color consider “Strolling,” also known as “party walking,” to be a major issue.

What does the word “cat” imply in Greek culture?

Cats are those who do not participate in the pledge procedure. Deltas aren’t the only GBLOs that are referred to as cat where I went. Any member of a sorority who does not pledge the “right-way” is referred to be a cat and is sometimes Meowed at.

What is a Greek hasher?

In a sorority house, the lowest level of service. Hashers are temporary employees who work as dishwashers or anything else the sorority deems acceptable. The term whore comes from the Greek word hasher.

What does RQQ stand for in Greek?

What does the abbreviation RQQ stand for? RQQ. A member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity agrees and meets another Omega Psi Phi brother. A pleasant sharing of brotherly understanding.

What does it mean to be a member of a club in Greek culture?

A local membership unit of a national or worldwide sorority or fraternity is known as a chapter. Someone who has the same line number as you is referred to as a member of the club. A word used by NPHC groups to describe when a new member has been completely integrated into the group.

What does the Greek word spesh mean?

These organizations are also known as “women’s fraternities.” SPECial / SPEC (NPHC): (Pronounced Spesh): (NPHC): (NPHC): (NPHC): (NPHC): (NPHC): (NPHC): During the intake process, another member of the same or different HBGLO forms a close or “special” bond with another member of the same or different HBGLO.

What exactly is ADP stand for?

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. is a company that specializes in data processing.

In Greek culture, what do paddles mean?

In both fraternities and sororities, paddles are given and received. Paddles, which are often presented during initiation, are a terrific way to commemorate one’s acceptance into the group. Paddles, on the other hand, signify a lot more to us. Paddles reflect the fraternity or sorority’s brotherhood or sisterhood.

Is it possible to change sororities?

No. You are not permitted to join another sorority. You may, however, join the same sorority. At your new institution, you’ll have to go through the transfer procedure.

In Greek culture, what does GDI mean?

The term “God Damn Independent” refers to someone who is not a member of a Greek organization. A lot of GDIs use the word to proudly declare their independence. What does it mean to “pledge” a Greek organization? What is the difference between being given a bid and being offered a job? A Greek organization’s equivalent of purgatory is “pledging.”

What is Rush Week, exactly?

Rush week, also known as recruitment week, is when fraternities and sororities seek students to join their respective Greek letter organizations. Rush week is frequently held at the start of the school year.

In sorority, what is a line name?

A line name is a distinctive emblem that identifies a fraternity or sorority member. Naturally, each line should have its own name.

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