The question of yearning for someone is a complex one. While some might equate the feeling to love, others believe it’s not about finding your soul mate – but rather something that our human nature requires in order to live contentedly and fully with ourselves.

To yearn for someone is to feel a deep desire for them, and it’s often used as a verb. It can also be used to describe the feeling of missing someone who you love dearly.

What does it mean to yearn for someone? |

Normally, you want for something or someone that is difficult to have. You may also say that you hunger for pie if you have a taste for it. Yearn may also indicate “to have a fondness for something” or “to feel sweet on someone.” You’d undoubtedly miss your sweetheart if she moved to Alaska and you were trapped in Texas.

Similarly, what does it mean to pine for someone?

To pine for someone is to have a strong desire for them, particularly if you’re upset about it. For example, you could pine for a loved one who lives far away. It conjures up images of people sitting about moping and missing them.

The issue therefore becomes, what is a longing desire? A deep desire is referred to as a longing. If you have a strong desire to visit Africa, it suggests you fantasize about it and aspire to visit there one day. A craving for something is a great desire for it.

Likewise, what is a phrase for the word yearn?

Yearn is defined as having a strong longing for something or someone. Yearn in a Examples of Sentences 1. All my sister wanted while she was pregnant was chocolate ice cream and French fries.

What does the term YURN stand for?

To wish for a tranquil holiday is a adverb (used without object) that means to have a sincere or passionate desire. to be affected or captivated by tenderness: They ached for their precious youngster.

Answers to Related Questions

What is the origin of the phrase pining?

The phrase ‘pining away’ is connected to the word “pain” and derives from Old English. Both words are derived from the Latin word poena, which meaning punishment. The term “bitter end” is said to have originated on sailing ships, when cables were linked to a “bit.” As a result, the rope’s end became known as the “bitter end.”

What does it mean to yearn for someone?

A strong sensation of need or want for someone or something is referred to as a yearning. You could be staring out the window with desire if you’re confined in detention while all of your pals are outside enjoying a lovely day. Alonging is a word that denotes a desire that hasn’t been realized.

What exactly does “don’t pine for me” imply?

Someone/something from the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpine If you pine for a place or something, you miss it a much and wish you could go back to it or have it again. I felt homesick after two months in France. 2 If you pine for someone and they are not with you, you are terribly miserable.

What is a synonym for the word yearn?

Yearn’s synonyms (for)

hanker (for or after), hunger (for), itch (for), jones (for)[slang], long (for), lust (for or after), pant (for), pine (for), repine (for), salivate (for), sigh (for), thirst (for), want, wish(for), yen (for)

What exactly does the term longing imply?

adverb (used without object)

to have a sincere or deep desire for something; long: to crave for a relaxing vacation. to be affected or captivated by tenderness: They ached for their precious youngster.

What area of speech does longing belong in?


1 The words yearn, long, hanker, and pine all refer to a strong desire for something. Crave emphasizes the intensity and depth of a desire: to yearn to flee and start afresh life; to yearn terribly for acknowledgment.

What is the definition of memorable in a sentence?

In a sentence, examples of memorable

It was the play’s most memorable line. She put up a show that will be remembered for a long time.

What does it mean to be imperilled?

adverb. adverbial. adverbial. a Danger, endangerment, hazard, jeopardy, peril, risk are all terms used to describe potential damage, loss, or injury.

Is seldom used as an adverb?

Although it is seldom used as an adverb, it may also be used as an adjective. SELDOM is a part of speech adverb. It indicates only on rare occasions, seldom, infrequently, or virtually never.

In a sentence, how do you utilize the word zeal?

Examples of Sentences

  1. His enthusiasm and drive were received with resounding success wherever he went.
  2. His enthusiasm is shown in two different ways.
  3. Some local authorities may have shown enthusiasm beyond the government’s goals throughout this process, but any effort to resist the movement was severely punished.

What’s the difference between a yearn and a Stern?

Stern denotes seriousness in discipline, whereas yearns denotes a great desire for something. They have a lot in common since they both desire something.

To yearn for someone is to feel a deep need or want that can’t be fulfilled. To yearn for something means to long for it with strong feelings of desire and longing. Synonyms include: ache, pine, hunger, thirst, pang, burn, itch. Reference: yearn synonyms.

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