We are excited to announce the new weather girl, who is a highly dedicated and creative individual. She has an impressive resume, from playing professional soccer in Italy and being able to speak six languages fluently.

The “ksat 12 anchor fired” is a story that has been circulating around the internet. The new weather girl on channel 12 was fired after her first day on the job.

Who is the new weather girl on Channel 12? |

Meteorologist Erica Collura

Erica Collura became the biggest weather team in the Tri-State region when she joined the Local 12 Weather Authority in October of 2013. She relocated to Cincinnati from WHIO in Dayton, where she spent more than three years working on a variety of platforms including internet, print, and radio.

In that case, who is the Channel 12 meteorologist?


  • TEAM-BIOS’ Mark Curtis is the anchor.
  • TEAM-BIOS’ Caribe Devine is the anchor.
  • TEAM-BIOS – Paul Gerke – Anchor
  • TEAM-BIOS’ Rachel McNeill is the anchor.
  • TEAM-BIOS – Emma Jade – Anchor
  • TEAM-BIOS Meteorologist/Reporter Krystle Henderson
  • TEAM-BIOS, Tram Mai – Anchor
  • TEAM-BIOS Meteorologist Lindsay Riley

Also, who is Channel 7’s new weather girl? Leslie Lopez is a well-known actress. Leslie Lopez is ABC7 Eyewitness News’ morning meteorologist on weekdays.

Apart from the aforementioned, who is the new anchor on Channel 12?

Kyle Inskeep has joined Local 12 as a new co-anchor.

How much do the anchors of News 12 Long Island make?

The average salary for Reporter / Anchors at News 12 Networks is $82,237 per year.

Answers to Related Questions

Who’s going to leave Channel 12 News?

Braun, Rob Photo credit: YouTube Rob Braun, a veteran Cincinnati broadcaster, recently announced that he will be leaving his anchor job at Local 12 (WKRC-TV) after 35 years with the station.

What happened to the weatherman from Channel 12?

James Quiones, better known as “Jimmy Q” to his Channel 12 (KPNX) viewers and admirers, has announced his departure from the channel. “He went on to other chances,” said George Davilas, the station’s news director. Quiones aired his last episode on June 7. Quiones began working for Channel 12 in September 2008.

Erica Collura, did you have a child?

Erica is now married to her spouse Billy. In 2018, the couple had their first child, a baby girl.

Erica Collura of WKRC, where are you?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Is Gerke no longer with Channel 12?

Paul Gerke is leaving Channel 12 (KPNX) for NBC News in New York, where he will be an anchor and host. Gerke, who joined the station in July 2017, formerly worked for NBC’s Channel 12 and presented “Cardinals Locker Room.”

Brianna Ruffalo’s age is unknown.

Birthday / Age / DOB / DOB / DOB / DOB / DOB / DOB / DOB / DOB / DOB She is roughly 27 years old as of early 2020. The first paragraph is an introduction. Brianna Ruffalo, the green-eyed anchor and reporter, is a member of the ABC30 Fresno weather team.

Is Amy Freeze still alive?

Most viewers are undoubtedly aware that WFLD (Chicago Fox News) on-air weathercaster Amy Freeze, the former chief meteorologist, left the station on Feb. 20. What they don’t realize is that Freeze and her chiropractor husband, Dr.

What happened to Amy Freeze?

Amy, who was born in Utah and reared in Southern Indiana, has lived in eight different places. She and her four children reside on the Upper West Side. Yes, her true name is “Freeze.”

What is the matter with Leslie Lopez?

Doctors warn hyperemesis gravidarum is more than simply morning sickness and may be life-threatening. Leslie Lopez hasn’t been on any of our programs recently, as you may have noticed. Leslie is expecting her first baby! She, on the other hand, has been suffering from hyperemisis gravidarum.

Who are Channel 7’s newscasters?

News Team

  • Adrienne Alpert is a well-known actress.
  • Ashley Brewer is a writer.
  • Brown, Marc.
  • Rachel Brown is a writer.
  • Cabrera, Tony.
  • Alex Cheney is an American politician.
  • Lori Corbin is an actress.
  • Cota-Robles, Marc.

Amy Freeze’s net worth is unknown.

So, as of late 2018, have you ever pondered how wealthy Amy Freeze is? According to reliable sources, Freeze’ net worth is believed to be $2.5 million, with a yearly income of $500,000.

What is the true name of Amy Freeze?

Freeze, Amy Elizabeth

San Antonio is home to many meteorologists. They are the new weather girl on Channel 12. Reference: san antonio meteorologists.

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