In this story, a man named Gary Soto is going through some tough times in his relationship with the woman he loves. When she asks him why it’s so hard for him to make love and enjoy sex with her when they have been together for years now, he tells her about an incident that happened many years ago but still haunts his mind today.

Gary Soto has written a lot of books, poems, and songs. His writing is known for its tone, which is often sad and melancholic. This makes sense when you think about the fact that he lost his wife, who was his muse.

Why is Gary Soto feeling guilty? |

Soto is really remorseful about taking the pie from the shop. He demonstrates this in a variety of ways. The text has a number of rhetorical strategies that are used to demonstrate his remorse for stealing the pie.

So, in Gary Soto’s pie, what does the water represent?

The water represents purity and holiness, which is the polar opposite of the pie. Because being holy is more rewarding than being a sinner, it fills him up more than the pie, which adds to Soto’s guilt. As a result, Gary Soto’s theological analogies aid in expressing his guilt-ridden existence.

Similarly, what is the topic of Gary Soto’s pie? Summary. Gary Soto’s extract The Pie is about remorse and gluttony. It all begins with the author, when he was considerably younger, at a German supermarket. While standing in the shop, he is torn between his religious, goody-two-shoes personality and his desire to take the pie.

Simply put, what is the tone of Gary Soto’s pie?

“I was on the verge of crying while trying to pick which to steal.” Soto’s apprehensive and concerned tone toward the pies reveals that he is over exaggerating on which one to take. This demonstrates that Soto was aware of what he was doing, but he was bored, so he ignored his past knowledge.

What does Johnny’s cross-eyed look mean?

Eyes Crossed Johnny Symbol is a fictional character. -falling from grace (falling from the roof) -guardian angel (watches over him) and informs him of his transgression (your hands are dirty) Gluttony is exemplified by the following examples. -snatching a piece of pie from the pan and shoveling it into his mouth

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What are the two similes in Gary Soto’s pie?

The narrator’s spiritual shame is shown via metaphorical language in Gary Soto’s story. “The pie like a discus in my hand,” for example, appears in paragraph three. The discus, a hefty disc used for throwing, was compared to a pie in this way. As a result, the author’s guilt was weighing him down heavily.

Is Gary Soto’s pie a personal narrative?

Gary Soto narrates the story of a transgression he committed as a youngster and subsequently felt bad about in his autobiographical novel “The Pie.” Even though he knew stealing was bad, he couldn’t stop himself from stealing a pie from the market. “The Pie” is rich of vibrant colors and images.