Egg piercers are used to easily open and remove the eggs from a hard-boiled egg. They work by placing an already cracked egg on top of another, then inserting the two shells together at one end before twisting them apart. The eggs can be removed with or without yolks left inside as desired.

The “egg piercer” is a kitchen utensil that is used to puncture the top of an egg so that it can be boiled. It’s not always easy to tell what an egg piercer is used for, but it might be helpful if you’re trying to figure out how you can use one in your cooking.

How do you use a egg piercer? |

You can puncture the end with a sewing needle or a pin, but this cheap egg piercer makes it much easier: just place the fat end of the egg into the top of the button. Then, by pressing down on the egg, the button is depressed, allowing the pin to puncture the egg’s bottom.

What exactly does an egg piercer do?

An egg piercer uses a tiny needle to pierce the air pocket in an eggshell to prevent it from shattering during hard boiling. The egg may be blasted out while the shell is preserved if both ends of the shell are perforated (for crafts).

Also, why is salt used in the boiling of eggs? When hard boiling an egg, the most frequent purpose for adding salt to the water is to raise the temperature of the water for better cooking. According to evidence, salted water protects an egg from shattering.

Also, which end of the egg should you pierce?

Yes, the eggs should be punctured to prevent them from cracking when steaming. The eggs will be pierced on the bigger end and then positioned with that end facing up to ensure that nothing leaks out! | 2 of 2 people found this useful.

Is it necessary to puncture an egg before boiling it?

Some people puncture the raw egg shell before hard boiling it to make it simpler to peel after it’s done. It’s not a good idea to pierce egg shells before cooking. Additionally, piercing generates hairline fissures in the shell, which germs might enter after cooking through.

Answers to Related Questions

How long should eggs be cooked?

A medium egg will take three and a half minutes to cook, whereas a big egg would take four minutes. The white will be barely set and the yolk will be liquid. If you like your soft boiled eggs to be a bit firmer, cook for an additional minute. Start the egg in cold water and bring it up to a boil for a hard-boiled egg.

Is it possible to cook an egg using just hot water?

Yes. It is possible to cook an egg as if it were hard boiled by immersing it in boiling water and cooking it without increasing heat.

What is the best way to use an egg steamer?


  1. Fill your water measuring cup with cold water until it reaches the Hard 7 eggs mark.
  2. Pour the water into the middle of your egg cooker’s water reservoir.
  3. On top of the base, place the egg holder.
  4. The lid should be placed on top of the appliance.
  5. You’ll hear a sound when the eggs are done.
  6. Take off the cover.

What causes eggs to explode?

Eggs may rupture in the microwave even if they are not in the shell because rapid heating causes steam to build up under the yolk membrane quicker than it can escape.

Is it true that salt aids in the peeling of cooked eggs?

The salt will not change the taste of your eggs; instead, it will help firm the proteins inside the egg, making it simpler to peel! Test one egg first; if it is slightly undercooked, return eggs to the pot and bring to a boil before turning off the heat.

What’s the best way to poke a hole in an egg without breaking it?

Wrap a strip of tape around the egg’s two ends.

When you poke holes in the eggshell, this will keep it from shattering. Apply a tiny piece of tape to the top of the egg and a second to the bottom. Clear tape or masking tape may be used. The most prevalent kind of egg utilized is chicken eggs.

How do you properly cook an egg?

Heat the butter in a nonstick pan over medium-high heat. BREAK eggs and SLIP one at a time into the pan. Reduce the heat to a low setting right away. SLOWLY COOK until the whites are totally set and the yolks are thickening but not hard.

In an egg boiler, how do you cook an egg?

Cooking Soft, Medium, or Hard-Boiled Eggs (Method 1)

  1. Make sure you use the proper quantity of water.
  2. Each egg should have a little hole pierced at the bigger end.
  3. With the holes facing up, place the eggs in the egg holder.
  4. Replace the lid on the egg boiler and turn it on.
  5. To halt the cooking process, remove the cover and place the eggs in cold water.

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