Wendell a plant in seedfolks.

Wendell planted a flower in seedfolks.

What did Wendell plant in seedfolks? |

Wendell does plant something, or at least that’s what we can deduce from the text, but the book doesn’t say what it is. Leona grows golden rod, Sam grows pumpkins, Virgil grows lettuce, and Sae Young grows hot peppers. Nora, who is a bit of a dreamer, plants less practical stuff like hollyhocks, poppies, and snapdragons, while Curtis plants tomatoes.

In this regard, where does Wendell come from among seedfolks?

Wendell lived on a Kentucky farm before moving to Cleveland and starting work as a school janitor, so he knows his way around a bean field. Ana may not know much, but she is hell-bent on preventing the death of those bean plants.

Similarly, why did Ana and Wendell make such a valiant effort to safeguard Kim’s bean plants? Ana and Wendell worked tirelessly to rescue Kim’s bean plants because they recognized how significant the plants were to her, as well as the child’s desire to grow on the abandoned lot. In honor of her grandma, Leona felt it would be good to plant an area of goldenrod in the yard.

As a result, who is Nora in the seedfolks?

Nora is a nurse who looks after Mr. Myles after he has many strokes. They stop to observe many neighbors working in the garden one day as she is wheeling him in his wheelchair to get him some fresh air. Nora goes out the following day and buys a huge garbage barrel and a dozen seed packs.

In seedfolks, is Virgil a boy or a girl?

Virgil is a guy, but in my theatrical adaptation, he was transformed into a girl to assist balance the cast’s genders.

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What is the location of seedfolks?

Yes, the events of this novel take place over the course of a single year, and it all begins on a very cold April day in Cleveland, Ohio. So one day, this young Vietnamese girl called Kim goes to Gibb Street and plants some lima beans on an empty lot.

Where did the seedfolks characters come from?

Virgil is from Haiti, Ana’s parents are Ukrainian, Kim hails from Vietnam, Amir hails from India, and Maricela hails from Mexico. Nora is from the United Kingdom, Sae Young is from Korea, Leona is from Africa, and Gonzalo is from Guatemala.

What does the term “seedfolks” imply to Florence?

Seedfolks are members of a family who have decided to leave their ancestral home and establish a new life in a new location. Each individual who was the first in their family to arrive to Cleveland would be referred to as a “seedfolk,” which is why the novel’s title was chosen.

What is the seedfolks theme?

The necessity of community is a recurring subject in Paul Fleischman’s Seedfolks. Several Cleveland residents from all walks of life get together and connect over sowing seeds in a community garden lot on Gibb Street throughout the book. Each individual has an own narrative and history.

What is the significance of Wendell and Ana in each other’s lives?

What is the significance of Wendell and Ana in each other’s lives? Ana and Wendell had a friendship based on concern for each other, they were important to one another because each lived a long and had nobody else to turn to for help or company.

Kim plants lima beans for a reason.

Kim plants lima beans for a reason. She wants to show her father, who passed away, that she can be a hard worker. She wants to keep the plants a secret.

In seedfolks, who is Kim?

Kim is a nine-year-old Vietnamese girl who moved to Cleveland, Ohio, with her family. Kim’s father died 10 years ago, and she still mourns his loss; she never got the opportunity to meet him since he died before she was born.

Why did Leona bring a bag of trash to the public health department from the parking lot?

Leona takes advantage of the waste from the lot by taking it to the Governmental Health Department, where she may attract the attention of public authorities with the power and resources to clean it up.

Why is my lettuce becoming so tall?

Have your lettuce plants grown a lot in a short amount of time? They might be on their way out! Bolting occurs when lettuce transitions from a vegetative to a reproductive stage (developing a leafy head) (growing flower stalks to produce seed).

Curtis is how old in seedfolks?


Why does Penny believe that working in the garden is beneficial to Maricela?

He has stopped worrying about himself and is instead focused on others; he is maturing and becoming more responsible. Why does Penn believe that Maricela will benefit from working in the garden? She wants Maricela to see how lovely life can be. People in the area were able to observe what others were really like thanks to the communal garden.

What is the significance of the locket that Virgil discovers?

What is the significance of the locket that Virgil discovers? She sees a similarity to the goddess of crops and thinks that perhaps the little girl could help with her father’s lettuce. Why does Sae Young feel safe in the garden? People are coming together and have friendly conversations and are having fun with the water contest.

Ana stayed in her former area for a reason.

Ana stayed in her former area for a reason. She stayed because she saw so much history from the window. She show the changes in the world as she grew older. She stayed to care for her parents.

In seedfolks, what race is Virgil?

Virgil, the boy in Seedfolks, is a Haitian who is viewed as helpful. Although his father does not appear in the novel, Virgil’s father farms high-class lettuces (gourmet standard) and the young Virgil assists him.

In seedfolks, where does Florence come from?

Florence. Florence has lived in a variety of settings, from the Colorado countryside to the cityscapes of Ohio. This African-American woman lives near the Gibb Street garden, and now that she’s retired from her profession as a librarian, she makes it a point to spend time outside.

What impact did the garden have on Amir’s view of America?

Amir enjoys gardening and is an expert at it. In the garden, his crops thrive and stand out from the others. Amir’s opinions of America shift as a result of the garden, and his life, like the vegetables in his garden, will now expand and become more complete.