Anne Frank wrote an essay titled “I can’t go on living” in 1940. It was one of the last pieces of writing she ever did before going into hiding with her family and friends during World War II, when they were eventually arrested by the Gestapo and sent off to concentration camps where many perished. The piece is notable as it displays a young girl’s emotionless response to Nazi Germany’s aggressive approach towards Jews at that time.

Anne Frank wrote a letter to her teacher, Mr. Keesing, in which she said that teachers are the most unpredictable people in the world.

What does Anne Frank write in her first essay? |

Anne tried to come up with persuasive reasons to explain the importance of talking in her first essay, titled ‘A Chatterbox.’ She started to consider the topic. She was pleased after three pages of writing. She said that chatting was a characteristic of students and that she would try her best to manage it.

Furthermore, what does Anne state in her first essay response?

Answer: In her first essay, Anne presented many reasons to persuade the reader of the need of speaking. “A Chatterbox” was the title of her debut essay. She said that one of the most fundamental requirements of kids is the ability to communicate.

Second, in Anne’s first essay, how did she excuse her chattiness? Anne excused her talkativeness in her first essay by claiming that it was in her genes since her mother was equally talkative. Anne wrote a hilarious poem about a father duck and his ducklings in her previous essay. Mr. Keesing was so delighted and pleased with Anne’s article that he ceased reprimanding her for her chattiness.

One can also wonder why Anne Frank just gives a short account of her life.

Answer: Anne gives a short account of her life because she believes that no one would comprehend her thoughts until they are familiar with her history, which includes information about her family, friends, and the setting in which she grew up.

What distinguishes diary writing from other forms of writing?

Answer: Anne Frank finds keeping a journal a peculiar experience for two reasons. The first reason is because she has never written before. The second reason is that most people seem to be uninterested in the thoughts of a thirteen-year-old girl. As a result, she want to maintain a journal.

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What does Anne jot down in her journal?

Anne maintained a journal throughout this period, in which she wrote about not just the horrors of war, but also the ordinary concerns of being a teenager. The Diary of Anne Frank, released fifty years ago by Anne’s father, has become the world’s best-known Holocaust memoir.

Is Mr. Keesing in any way unpredictable?

Mr. Keesing, according to Anne, is unpredictably unpredictable. He was stern at first, punishing Anne by assigning her to write essays on themes connected to speaking. After Anne’s third write-up, he changed his mind about her and became much more forgiving.

What prompted Mr. Keesing to allow Anne to speak in class?

He never punished Anne and allowed her to speak in class with the other pupils. Mr. Keesing was shown the lighter side of a bad kid in Anne’s final essay, which was written in the style of a poem. It aided in the generational gap between the instructor and the learner being bridged.

Do you consider Mr. Keesing to be a strict educator?

Mr. Keesing was a rigorous instructor, to be sure. He forbade pupils from talking in class because he wanted them to focus on their academics. He regularly gave Anne essays and additional work as a punishment for conversing in between lessons.

What did Anne’s journal tell us about her upbringing and how did she receive it?

Anne’s parents gave her the diary as a birthday gift. It doesn’t matter if she went along with her parents when it was purchased for the kid in her. The journal was one of the first things she noticed when she entered the living room, and she thought it to be one of her best gifts.

What is Anne’s opinion of her father?

All of the persons in Anne’s life were remembered fondly. Anne thought her father was the sweetest parent she’d ever seen. Even after her grandmother’s death, Anne remembered her. No one realized how frequently she thought about and adored her grandma, she wrote in her journal.

Why does Anne feel the need to offer a summary?

Anne should offer a quick description of her family so that the readers may relate to her. It is undeniably simpler for the reader to read and analyze the story with more interest. ‘Kitty,’ her journal, was an insider to her.

What about Anne’s family does she reveal?

Explanation: Anne Frank relates the narrative of her family, who reside in Frankfurt, Germany, and are forced to flee due to Hitler’s and the Nazi Party’s persecution of Jews in Europe during World War II. They flee to Amsterdam, where they join other Jews in hiding.

What does Anne Frank reveal about her upbringing to the readers?

Anne Frank informs her readers a lot about her life, including her growing up years, mood swings, and the fear endured by Jews in Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Explanation: Anne Frank’s diary is one of the world’s most well-known and extensively read novels.

Why does Anne claim that Paper has more patience than she does?

According to Anne, paper is more patient than people since the journal is a quiet, non-judgmental, and patient recorder of Anne’s thoughts. She decided that she would not allow anybody see her journal since it was such a personal and intimate act for her.

What made Mr. Keesing so irritated with Anne?

Anne’s arithmetic instructor was Keesing. He was irritated with her because she spoke excessively in his lesson. He handed her additional assignment after repeated warnings, asking her to write an essay on the topic ‘A Chatterbox.’

Was Anne correct in her assessment that the world would be uninterested?

No, Anne was incorrect when she suggested that the world would be uninterested in a thirteen-year-old girl’s reflections. ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ was the title of her diary when it was released. It was translated into numerous languages from its original Dutch and became one of the most widely read novels in the world.

Does she consider Kitty like an insider or an outsider? Why does she need to offer a quick sketch of her family?

Anne Frank regarded Kitty as an insider because she was her closest friend to whom she was able to confide all of her secrets, and Kitty was also a friend who did not reveal any of her secrets to anyone and patiently listened to all of her secrets, just like the pages in her journal did.

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