“Apl” or “Appl” have become a way of speaking among some African-Americans, and it means to be in the same room with someone. It’s similar to saying you’re close friends with somebody.

The “what does ap mean in rap” is a term that refers to the “A.P.” on a record label, which stands for “Albums Per Year”. The word has been used as slang for years and is often used to refer to someone who is in their late teens or early twenties.

What does AP mean in the hood? |

“The Associated Press (AP)” is the definition of AP.

In light of this, what does AP signify in terms of dating?

By BARBARA ORTUTAY. Published on May 1, 2018. (AP) — NEW YORK (AP) — Although Facebook does not believe hookups are significant and does not encourage you to date your friends, it has long been recognized that its massive network of human connections may aid in the search for long-term relationships.

Also, on Reddit, what is AP stand for? Affair partner is abbreviated as AP.

Second, in rap, what does AP stand for?

Level 1 of Advanced Placement Courses. Gamesscotz. 1 year ago, I had 1 point. One of the definitions of ap that I’m familiar with is automatic pistol.

What does a TBF entail in terms of sexuality?

TBF is a texting and social media abbreviation that may imply “be honest” or “be fair,” as well as “throwback Friday.” Throwback Friday refers to uploading or remembering anything from the past, usually from one’s own personal history, such as a grade school snapshot or a wedding day remembrance.

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In terms of sexuality, what does DD stand for?

unquestionably doink

On dating sites, what does DD stand for?

It stands for “daddy dominance.”

In medical words, what is an AP?

AP is defined in medical terms.

AP: AP is a multi-purpose abbreviation. In cardiology, it is used to shorten angina pectoris (AP) and arterial pressure (AP). It refers to the anterior pituitary gland in endocrinology (AP). In anatomy, AP stands for anterior-posterior, or front-to-back.

In slang, what does AP stand for?

The Associated Press (AP)

What does the abbreviation AP stand for?

If you answered yes, speak to your guidance counselor or AP coordinator about taking AP courses at your school. The College Board, in collaboration with high schools and colleges around the country, administers a series of topic tests known as Advanced Placement Courses.

What does the letter P stand for?

Accounts receivable

In New York, what does AP stand for?

The The Associated Press (AP) (AP) is an American not-for-profit news agency headquartered in New York City.

In education, what does AP mean?

Advanced Placement Courses

What does the term “plug” signify in rap music?

a plug (Slang Definition) The phrase “plug” is a slang term for a narcotics dealer. The name comes from a connector that may be used to connect electrical devices to acquire electricity to run them. You’ve linked someone to someone from whom they can get drugs if you plug them in.

What does the abbreviation HIP HOP mean?

::Back to yesterday night’s ride in the van:: After all of this was conveyed to my newfound brothers and sisters, it was pointed out that, like Thug Life, Hip-Hop is also an abbreviation. Higher Internal Power-Helping Our People (H.I.P-H.O.P.) is an acronym that stands for Higher Internal Power-Helping Our People.

In games, what does AP stand for?

Points to Consider

What does the acronym HMC stand for?

Console for Hardware Management