Contrary to what most people may think, opposites often attract. So why does our instinctual attraction seem so illogical and irrational? After all, if we are attracted to a person who is the complete opposite of us in every way it’s seems like an obvious recipe for disaster. But despite this “logic,” contrary-attraction relationships tend to work better than those with similar personalities

The “according to walker, when reading wheatley’s poetry the part we should focus on is” is a phrase that means something different in each context.

What does contrary instincts mean? |

The cultural factors that would have made a woman feel inferior, incorrect, and twisted about her literary desires are referred to as “contrary impulses” by Woolf. Even if the lady had desired to write, society would have objected to her desire and made her feel inferior for it.

What does Walker have to say about Wheatley’s mother in this regard?

Alice Walker is a well-known author. closed her article by stating that Phillis Wheatley’s mother was also an artist, and that their daughters’ accomplishments were influenced by their mothers in some manner. Her opinion is that the mother bears some responsibility for their daughter’s accomplishments.

In addition, how does Walker’s mother exhibit her creativity in two ways? She “nourished her creativity” through telling tales, something Alice Walker is a well-known author. herself emphasizes in her work. Walker, even as a kid, heard and understood the stories that needed to be spoken and recorded; vocal witnesses who erupted from her lips with an intensity that Walker heard and understood.

So, what exactly is the central theme of In Search of Our Mothers Gardens?

Walker inspects the gardens of her mother. They’re gorgeous, and they’re a reflection of her creative energy and love. She says that in America, black women’s artistic inclinations were denied creative alternatives. They lacked the means and time to paint, sculpt, or write.

What did Walker’s mother do to provide for her family?

Walker’s mother took care of typical home responsibilities in addition to working in the fields with her husband. She made all of our clothing, even my boys’ overalls. She made all of our towels and bedding. She spent her summers preserving fruits and vegetables.

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To Walker, what does her mother’s garden reflect or symbolize?

Walker uses the term garden many times throughout the novel. This term, in my opinion, represents power, bravery, and concern. Her mother’s garden was a means for her to accomplish something she really enjoys and puts her heart and soul into. In the past, black women did not have it easy.

In Search of Our Mothers Gardens was written by who?

Alice Walker is a well-known author.

In Search of Our Mothers Gardens has a certain tone to it.

Walker’s tone is explanatory at the start of her article. She’s going to provide an overview of her subject. She then becomes accusatory throughout her article, ensuring that the reader is aware of black women’s history.

What did it mean to be a black woman artist in the time of our grandmothers?

What did it mean to be a black woman artist in the time of our grandmothers? Her use of Virginia Woolf’s concept of “a chamber of one’s own” successfully contextualizes and makes apparent the creative will of African American women as exemplified by Wheatley.

What is Alice Walker is a well-known author.’s thesis in her essay In Search of Our Mothers Gardens?

In her essay “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens” Alice Walker is a well-known author.’s thesis is that the creative spirit of the African-American woman finds itself embedded in the history of her mother and other women