The outsider’s, by S.E Hinton is a book about belonging and breaking away from the “normal” life with friends who are different than you. There are many themes throughout the novel, but one of them that sticks out in my mind is how these people stick together even when they’re treated badly or if their kids start acting up because it’s easier to be surrounded by those who understand what they’ve been through rather than those that judge them for being who they really are

Chapter 6 of the outsiders is where Johnny and Chris get arrested.

What happened in Chapter 5 of the outsiders? |

5th Chapter Summary

Ponyboy wakes up in the church the following morning to discover a message from Johnny stating that he has gone into town to collect supplies. Most of the greasers remind Ponyboy of fictional heroes, but Dally is frighteningly real.

As a result, what does the poetry in the outsiders’ Chapter 5 mean?

The Robert Frost poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” which Ponyboy recites to Johnny in Chapter 5, talks of innocence via natural analogies. The poem comes to represent Johnny and Ponyboy’s innocence. This innocence is not shared by all of the greasers, and they want for Johnny and Ponyboy to keep theirs.

Similarly, what is the central idea of Chapter 5 of Outsiders? Being a Curtis brother and a greaser are only two aspects of Ponyboy’s personality. The boys’ wish to hang on to the lovely things in life and the purity of their youth is expressed in the poem, but the reality that “nothing gold can stay” suggests how difficult it will be to remain cheerful and optimistic.

After all, what occurred in the outsiders’ Chapters 5 and 6?

Chapters 5 and 6 of The Outsiders Summary. Ponyboy and Johnny have made their home in the chapel. Johnny went into town in order to get some supplies. Ponyboy is pleased to see the food and supplies, but he is not pleased with the peroxide bottle.

What occurred in the outsiders’ Chapter 7?

Summary of Chapter 7. Ponyboy addresses questions from a mob of reporters in the hospital waiting area. Darry doesn’t want to abandon Ponyboy, but he can’t afford to remain at home. While Ponyboy cleans the home, Two-Bit offers to stay for the day and tell tales.

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In Outsiders, who died?

The greasers overcome the Socs in the rumble. Dally arrives barely in time for the battle, having eluded the hospital. Ponyboy and Dally rush back to visit Johnny after the battle, only to discover that he is dying. Dally loses control when Johnny dies and flees the room in a rage.

Darry weeps in the hospital for no apparent reason.

Pony notices Darry is sobbing as he glances at him. Ponyboy recognizes at that single second that Darry really care about him, and that he was simply trying too hard. Darry is afraid of losing another loved one after losing his parents. Cherry’s readiness to inform the greasers about Soc activities indicates that she is in a state of limbo.

Darry’s quiet terror, what is it?

Dally’s greatest concern is that Johnny will be hurt. Dally is “of the kind that can take anything because he’s hard and tough, and when he isn’t, he can become hard and tough.”

What prompted Ponyboy notice Darry’s feelings for him?

Darry cared about me, maybe as much as he cared for Soda, and he was working too hard to create something of me because of it. Pony eventually realizes that Darry really cares for him and loves him as much as Sodapop.

What year did Ponyboy’s parents pass away?

Curtis Ponyboy is a 14-year-old whose life has been flipped upside down. His parents were murdered in a car accident about eight months before the events of The Outsiders. He lives with his 20-year-old brother, Darry, who has legal care of him, and his 16-year-old brother, Sodapop.

Cherry is assisting the greasers for what reason?

Cherry lends a hand to the Greasers for a variety of reasons. She believes the conflict is unjustified and wishes for it to end. Second, she is completely enamored with Dally. Her affections for Dally drive her to help the Greasers in whatever way she can.

In the eyes of outsiders, what does the burning church represent?

The burning church represents them being exposed and revealing their real colors. The greasers’ pride and power are symbolized by the switchblade.

When Ponyboy first began smoking, how old was he?

Ponyboy was also pretty young when he began smoking, around the ages of 12, 13, or 14. Johnny began at the age of nine, and Steve at the age of eleven.

In the Outsiders, how did Johnny die?

In The Outsiders, Johnny perishes as a consequence of burns and a spinal injury acquired while saving children from a burning church.

What happened to Johnny when the house caught fire?

Ponyboy is pushed out of the building by Johnny just before a massive piece of lumber crashes on him. On most of Johnny’s body, he suffers serious third-degree burns. Johnny’s spine is shattered, and the doctors tell Darry and Ponyboy that if he survives his injuries, he would most certainly be paraplegic.

In the eyes of strangers, where is the church?

Taking Refuge in the Church

In S.E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders, Johnny and Ponyboy (both members of the Greasers gang) head to Hinton, an ancient, abandoned church on top of Jay Mountain, to flee.

What occurred in the outsiders’ Chapter 8?

Summary of Chapter 8. Ponyboy and Two-Bit visit Johnny in the hospital, but the staff refuse to allow them to see him. The lads will not stop nagging until they are heard by a doctor. When the lads ask if he wants anything, Johnny requests some hair grease and a copy of Gone with the Wind so Ponyboy can continue reading it to him.

After the fire, what happened to Ponyboy?

In the ambulance, he awakened with smoke inhalation and shock. Pony was treated for “a few burns and a large bruise across my back” later, and he fell asleep in the vehicle on the way home, so Darry brought him inside.

At the conclusion of Chapter 6, what does ponyboy understand about Darry?

Ponyboy thinks his cigarette may have started the fire. At the conclusion of Chapter 6, what does ponyboy understand about Darry? When Ponyboy is in the hospital, Darry and Sodapop come to his room. Ponyboy sees Darry in tears and he realizes that “Darry did care about [him], maybe as much as he cared about Soda” (98).

Where did Dally say it ain’t loaded?

“Don’t worry, it ain’t loaded,” Dally said. I’m not looking to get arrested for murder. But it’s great for a bluff.” Because of the “war” between the Greasers and the Socs, Dallas has a gun, and death is a possibility.

Ponyboy, when did you know Darry loves you?

Pony learns Darry loves him fiercely when he finally meets him in the hospital after the fire. Pony notices Darry sobbing and recalls that Darry didn’t cry during their parents’ burial, so he understands how terrified he was and how much Darry loves for him.

What occurred in the outsiders’ chapter 9?

9th Chapter Summary

When Ponyboy sees the other greasers, he gets a sinking sensation. The greasers triumph after a lengthy battle. Dally and Ponyboy travel to the hospital to visit Johnny after the rumble is over. When a policeman stops them, Ponyboy pretends to be hurt, and the officer takes them to the hospital.

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