Do you love to cook or spend your Sunday gaming? Perhaps you’d like to try playing at an online casino site such as Goldenslot? Then we have good news for you: These hobbies are not only fun, but according to science, they’re also good for your brain! It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? So if you want to know why they make you smarter or you’re just looking for a new hobby – voilà: It’s no big secret that reading makes you smart. But did you know that travelling, cooking, and even gaming are also good for the brain?

They help you overcome stress, “reset” your brain, work efficiently and pass all exams only with notes “good” and “excellent.” In this article, let’s consider “useful” hobbies that will help you succeed in your career and studies. In addition to these hobbies, you can practice mindfulness, a Buddhism practice, to boost not only your brain but also your life! Click on this article to know more about this practice. Without further ado, here are ten of the most interesting and useful hobbies for brain development. Choose one or more and devote at least half an hour a day to them!


Research shows that lack of communication negatively affects both your brain and your overall health. So, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and other team sports will be a great way to spend some quality time. But sports are not just about exercise. Chess, backgammon, mahjong, board games, and sudoku can also be considered to be intellectual sports, so some casino games in  CasinoChan Canada as poker and Blackjack. Board games, whose participants must think strategically and tactically to win, and poker involve processes of substantive thinking, the ability to act in changing situations, and other analytical skills.


Gardening is a surprisingly healthy hobby for the brain. With this hobby, you can lower your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone; you’re energized by positivity; take pride in your accomplishments; do physical work; reduce your risk of dementia by 36%; spend time outdoors. Studies show that people who cook at home lead healthier lives overall. In addition, they can choose the healthiest foods possible and enjoy the cooking process, which is good for the brain.

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London today, Marrakech tomorrow, and Tokyo the day after? Not only does that sound like a lot of fun, but it could also make you smarter. Because travel relieves stress, you’re better able to focus on individual tasks and improve your understanding of different topics. And sure, if you travel a lot, you’ll learn about new cultures and become more empathetic. The new places, people, and traditions also boost creativity and are great inspirations for new ideas.


Whether it’s the piano, guitar, or drums, learning to play a musical instrument gets your brain working at full speed. This not only increases your learning abilities but also promotes long-term memory because both hemispheres of the brain have to work at the same time. And of course, it’s good for your creativity, too!


It’s not surprising that reading makes you smart. People who read every day are better able to solve problems and think in a process-optimized way. In addition, scientists have found that reading reduces stress, promotes social skills, and improves your writing style. But don’t worry, you don’t have to read Franz Kafka’s entire life’s work: “Twilight” and Nicholas Sparks novels will do just as well.


We already know that meditation relaxes and helps to banish worries. But that spiritual practice can also make you smart? That surprised us a little. According to one study, people who meditate 40 minutes a day have a thicker cerebral cortex. As a result, their brains age more slowly, they’re better able to make decisions, and they have a longer attention span. Plus, meditation boosts creativity. 


Experts say that knitting is a great way to cope with restlessness, depression, and chronic pain. The benefits of working with your hands can be compared to the effects of meditation. Knitting activates the parasympathetic nervous system and dulls the “hit or run” response.


Keeping a diary, journal, or notebook in which you write down your thoughts, ideas, goals, etc. helps to solve many problems and serves as a kind of stress relief mechanism.


In addition to the above, a great cure for the brain and the whole body is laughter, which is called active meditation. So, whatever brain hobby you choose, laughter is always a great addition to any activity – it can help relieve stress and relax!


According to science, cooking makes you smart! People who cook regularly and try out different dishes become more creative, pay more attention to details, and pay more attention to quality. In addition, hobby cooks handle multitasking better, are more precise, and can make decisions faster. The only question that remains is whether food also makes you smart or not.

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