Singapore is a popular destination for tourists and ex-pats alike, but time-sensitive errands like sending flowers to their loved ones are a pain for many. Thankfully, many flower delivery services in Singapore can help you with your last-minute orders. Flower delivery in Singapore can be a life-saver when you’re in a hurry.

Bearloon SG

Bearloon SG is a flower shop that offers express flower delivery in Singapore and nationwide delivery. The fee depends on the type of flowers and the delivery schedule you choose for the express flower delivery. Bearloon SG has a wide variety of flowers to choose from and is one of the most reliable delivery services, so your flowers will always be delivered on time. Bearloon SG uses a delivery service that can be tracked, so you’ll know exactly when your flower gift will arrive. Bearloon SG also provides free shipping nationwide, and if you’re buying flowers online as a surprise, they offer complimentary wrapping.

Tips on getting the best express flower delivery in Singapore

Express flower delivery is meant for last-minute orders, so choose a tight delivery schedule so your flowers arrive as soon as possible. Most express flower delivery services in Singapore can deliver in less than 2 hours, so a 2-hour or 1-hour delivery schedule could be ideal if you’re in a hurry to receive the flowers. The following are some tips on the best getting express flower delivery in Singapore:

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Order Flowers Online

You can order flowers online and pick them up at any branch at Bearloon SG. And even if you’re not in Singapore, you can still order flowers online. Bearloon SG will make all the flower arrangements for you.

Choose Delivery Date and Time

Bearloon SG offers a choice of delivery dates and times, and they will deliver your flowers on the date and time you choose. Bearloon SG keeps in touch with their local florist associates to ensure a high level of service. If you need express flower delivery for an urgent matter, choose a delivery time that fits your schedule. Bearloon SG delivers to Singapore’s most prominent locations, so be informed that delivery is not guaranteed for all postcodes. Bearloon SG can return to your nearest branch.

Choose Your Flowers

Bearloon SG has many flowers, from roses to orchids, and many pre-designed bouquets. Bearloon SG arranges your flowers in any way you want and can add other accessories. Bearloon SG can deliver to your nearest branch.

Choose Your Delivery Date and Time

For express flower delivery, you choose between a 1-hour delivery time and a 2-hour delivery time for different types of flowers. There is a delivery fee for flower delivery, based on the price of the flowers and the delivery schedule you choose. Bearloon SG can deliver to your nearest branch.

Select Delivery Days

Bearloon SG can deliver to your nearest branch, so if you’re in a hurry, you can choose an extended delivery time on the same day. Bearloon SG recommends that you request flower delivery for a 4-hour timeframe.

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Bearloon SG is one of the most reliable flower delivery services in Singapore. Bearloon SG was primarily designed to help you in a hurry. Bearloon SG also offers nationwide delivery, and if your flowers are in a hurry too, they have express flower delivery that can deliver within 3 hours anywhere in Singapore. Bearloon SG also provides a selection of flowers to choose from, and their customized arrangements can help make a last-minute gift more special.


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