In Japan, there are many gambling facilities such as pachinko and lottery, which are close to you and you can enjoy them easily, but recently, online casinos are increasing the number of players.

When talking with Narimi Murayama, an expert in online gambling and author here, about why the popularity of gambling sites is increasing in Japan, her answer was “今日、日本でトップクラスの オンラインカジノ日本 を見つけることはますます簡単になっています。”. Nowadays, there are so many options that players don’t have difficulties finding a good site to gamble.

For those who don’t know, online casinos are, as the name suggests, virtual casinos that you can enjoy on the internet, and you can use real money to gamble like a real casino such as Las Vegas or Macau and stay at home. The biggest feature is that you can enjoy it while relaxing.

Here, we would like to explain some reasons why the numbers of people who choose online casinos from many gambling are increasing rapidly. Even if you are a little interested in online casinos, some people may not be able to take a step forward, but I hope that you can get rid of that anxiety and convey the appeal.

The overwhelmingly high payout rate

The biggest attraction of an online casino is that it is “easy to win” compared to other gambling in Japan.

Looking at the payout rate of gambling that is popular in Japan, pachinko and pachislot are 80 to 85%, other public gambling is 70 to 80%, and lottery tickets are about 46%. No wonder people can’t win.

On the other hand, the payout rate of online gambling sites is at least 94%, and the highest blackjack is 99%, which is a high number that you can win every time if you do not make a mistake in playing. The rapid spread of such information with the spread of the Internet has led to an endless number of gambling enthusiasts since the online casinos.

Play authentic casino games at any time in the living room

Casinos and gambling that actually bet money, such as land casinos in foreign countries, are not allowed to operate in Japan because they violate the law, and they are arrested for operating or using illegal facilities.

Therefore, many Japanese enjoyed gambling by traveling to legal casino countries such as:

  • Macau
  • South Korea
  • the Philippines

However, now that it has become difficult to travel abroad, it is inevitable that online casinos in Japan will attract attention as long as you have an internet connection and a terminal such as a personal computer or smartphone.

Bonus benefits can be used as real money

It is common for a Japanese online casino to offer bonus perks for first-time registered players that you can use to bet on the game just like real money and play for free for a while.

Bonus benefits are available to those who have already started playing, such as new registrations, first deposits, and regular promotions. There are some online casino rules for withdrawing dividends earned from bonus benefits, but if you meet them, you can withdraw them as cash.

Depending on the online casino, the condition for obtaining bonus benefits is only to register on the site, and if you use this, you may be able to get dividends with zero own funds.

You can play with peace of mind without cheating

Not surprisingly, legal online casinos require approval from public authorities, are not allowed to cheat, and are operated under close scrutiny.

This gaming license is issued by a government agency in a legitimate country and without it, these sites cannot operate legally. Obtaining this gaming license is not so easy, and many companies have made huge investments to pass a rigorous screening and are finally issued.

In the unlikely event that one of them is found to have been fraudulent, an immediate investigation will be conducted, the gaming license will be revoked and it will be closed.

Scandals of fraud are often talked about in pachinko in Japan but don’t worry, popular japan online casino operating on a global scale are operating soundly under stricter regulations.

Final Words

Here are four reasons why the number of gamblers who support online casinos is increasing rapidly in Japan. Was it helpful?

Compared to other gambling in Japan, online casinos have the overwhelming advantage of having a high payout rate and being easy to win, and also have the feature of being free from fraudulent activities and allowing you to concentrate on gambling with peace of mind.

There are also plenty of bonus benefits, you can bet like real money, and there are online casinos that you can play just by registering for the time being.

Pachinko and lottery are fun, but the biggest attraction of gambling is winning, and in that respect, online casinos with high payout rates are definitely recommended.


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