There is no doubt that wallpapers have reemerged in trend. In today’s time, wallpapers are leading the interior design industry. Wallpaper is giving a tough competition to paint colors. You all have seen the evolution of paint over the years. Starting from neutral to more mid and moody tones, people are now excited to opt for patterns and prints on their walls. Luckily, the wallpaper is back with better and more long-lasting quality than ever. Wallpapers have now covered a broader spectrum. They have expanded their variety from vibrant shades to bold and muted tones and are now in trend as subdued.

Wallpapers will be your best friends when deciding to design a nursery. They will add charm and style to the walls of your kid’s room. Undoubtedly, a fresh coat of paint is an evergreen idea. But, putting your hands on wallpapering will allow you to help the children in their development. Gone are the days when wallpapers were just relegated to paste-up paper. Today’s wallpaper options are elegant, stylish, and beautifully patterned with remarkable quality. Nursery wallpapers add a “wow” factor to the nursery by boosting the dramatic effect of the walls.

In this article, you will get to know about the benefits of decorating the nursery with nursery wallpaper. Further, we will also share some best nursery wallpaper ideas to help you with decoration. As a bonus, we will also focus on the factors you need to consider before buying wallpaper for the nursery.

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Benefits of decorating the nursery with wallpapers

The nursery should always look bright, captivating, and stimulating. Undoubtedly, it is true that children’s minds develop so fast. But how can wallpapers contribute to the same? Scientific studies have proved that children’s brains are invigorated by the patterns and colors of wallpapers. Consequently, Lauren Watts from believes that nursery wallpapers will help babies in creating a sense of creativity. All in all, it is essential to keep the nursery bright, innovative, and colorful. Let’s look deeper at the top trends in nursery wallpapers that will add interest and personality to the space.

Wallpaper that stimulates baby’s eyes and mind:

According to the research of child psychologists, it is believed that striped peel and stick wallpaper is the most effective visual pattern. Striped wallpapers help encourage the development of the eyesight of a child. Generally, black and white-colored striped patterns stimulate the maturing of the retina and optic nerves. As a result of this, it contributes to the development of the brain. Hence, this is why doctors suggest covering your baby’s surroundings with a striped pattern. If you don’t want to go for literal stripes for your nursery, you can either put your hands on botanical nursery wallpaper or choose a maze pattern with stripes.

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Wallpapers for peace of mind:

There is no doubt that parents always do the best for their children. As with the growing education, parents believe it is vital for babies to have a piece of mind. However, the ritual of painting the nursery has left people with shocking results. The presence of volatile organic compounds in the paint can cause harm to your babies. Luckily, nursery wallcoverings typically offer you a two-side advantage. They are cleanable and come with no suitable chemical concerns.

For this reason, nursery wallpapers are now becoming the number one choice of parents. Feel free to use these wallpapers as they are easy to clean and sanitize with a bonus point of chemical-free nature. So, say no to worries about your child’s health and well-being with these peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Designer wallpaper to create contrast:

Geometric shapes and patterns increase the curiosity in the babies. Geometric wallpapers add interest and contrast to the walls of the nursery. Colorful wallpapers also help stimulate the child’s brain and eyes. Moreover, babies are also fascinated by diagonal stripes and target patterns. It would be beneficial for your child if you opt for knowledge-based nursery wallpapers. However, it is also possible to mix and match different patterns and play with the colors of wallpapers. Overall, nursery wallpapers will help you create a strong, innovative, and visually stimulating space for your child.

End thought

Deciding on whether to choose wallpapers for the nursery or not is a tough decision. But we have made it easy for you to put your hands on wallpapers for your nursery confidently. So, to sum up, everything that has been stated so far, it is essential to consider the adhesive and material used before you buy the wallpaper for the nursery. Research deeply and choose wisely! Happy decorating!