There are several great applications for marijuana growing. A few of the most popular are Grow Buddy, Marijuana Pocket Reference, and Cannabis Strain and Dispensary Reviews. These are all free. To make it even easier, you can also share photos and videos of your marijuana plants with friends and family. You can even follow your progress with the app’s map feature. But which one is the best for you? Read on to find out!

Grow With Jane

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you’ve probably tried one of the many apps available for cannabis growing. But how can one app stand out from the rest? The answer lies in its ease of use and flexibility. For starters, Grow with Jane allows you to keep track of multiple cannabis plants and their environments. It features intuitive tools and a plant planner. Additionally, you can create as many Grow Logs as you like, and you’ll get helpful reminders on when to water and feed your plants. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Unlike other cannabis growing apps, Grow With Jane allows you to track your results and plan the growth of your grandaddy purple cannabis, including harvesting and storage. It allows you to take notes about your plants and secure them so you can access them anytime. You can even upload photos of your plants and keep them on your phone to compare results in the future. Growing marijuana is a lonesome experience until legalization, and it can make people paranoid. However, Jane makes it easy to share your experiences with other cannabis growers, and it includes tools to log your results.

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Grow Buddy

As the name suggests, GrowBuddy is a smartphone app that helps users keep track of every aspect of growing marijuana from cannabis seeds. It serves as a digital growth journal that helps the user schedule tasks and itemize them. The app also tracks the progress of a marijuana crop, keeping accurate notes about the growth of each plant. Users can enter data regarding mother plants, clones, and even the curing process. GrowBuddy also aims to become a one-stop shop for cannabis gardening and growers. It provides easy access to community knowledge, expert advice, and even supplies.

Another great feature of GrowBuddy is its ability to collect and store data about your garden. The app keeps track of critical data points about your garden and collates them into a database. You can also keep track of tasks like watering, fertilizing, and monitoring your plants. GrowBuddy is also very helpful for newbies as it helps track their progress. It also helps keep track of your mother plant, clones, and other details about your garden.


The Growdiaries app is an essential part of any growing marijuana enthusiast’s arsenal. It allows you to keep track of the various phases of the marijuana cultivation process, from germination to flowering and harvest. It has also got a handy ranking system that you can use to compare products from various growers. The app is free, so you won’t have to worry about spending money to get a high-quality marijuana crop.

With GrowDiaries, you can easily track the progress of growing weed inside without lights and share your results with other cannabis enthusiasts and contribute insight. The app’s comprehensive features include hydroponics, soil, and LED grow reports. It even has a growing community that shares its knowledge to help other marijuana growers improve their techniques. If you are new to cannabis cultivation, you can browse the GrowDiaries blog and read journals from famous marijuana growers. You can also find tips and tricks for hydroponics and LED growth.

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If you’re a recreational marijuana grower, WeedMaps is a great application to help you grow your cannabis the right way. With easy-to-understand maps and growing tips, WeedMaps can give you a competitive edge over the rest of the industry. Plus, you can see how much your plants have grown over the past few weeks. You can also see how much your plants have grown in the past year to see if they’ve grown more than their allotted amount.

The WeedMaps app is easy to use and offers helpful information about growing marijuana, including flowering time, expected yield, and environment. It also contains reviews and anecdotal accounts of how different strains have reacted to the environment. The app is available on both iOS and Android. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t work in places where growing weed is illegal. However, there are some other apps out there that are better at recommending marijuana-growing locations.