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Melbourne is one of the busiest cities in Australia and is also known as the sporting capital of the world. If you don’t live in Melbourne, you would probably wonder what makes this city unique because it doesn’t have any landmark which is quite popular in the world. Yet, Melbourne is a beautiful city where you will find the best coffee, bayside location, and people of all cultures.

Another thing that makes Melbourne beautiful and a must city to live in is its active lifestyle. The government here runs tons of free activities to ensure people live a healthy lifestyle by engaging in some physical activity. Thus, in partnership with Heart Foundation, Victoria, the Melbourne government has converted the Bourke Street stairs into an artistic display encouraging people to ditch the escalators and take the stairs.

If you also live in Melbourne and are looking for ways to be more active, fit, and healthy, here are a few things you can do.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is the ancient practice of performing asanas to stay mentally and physically fit. Yoga is not helpful to lose weight. It aids you in becoming a better version of yourself. If you want to stay fit, enroll in one of the many yoga classes Melbourne. Always research before joining a class as you want to learn yoga from the best teacher. They should not only teach you asana but also guide you into doing it correctly.

Try Slacklining

Slacklining is an adventure sport that is not only fun but keeps you active too. To be a slackliner in Melbourne, you can go to JJ Holland Park in Kensington. In the park, there are two poles for every enthusiast to test their balance and stay fit.

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The outdoor space makes it even incredible as you can stretch before trying the poles, and it is free for everyone to use.

Go Jogging in The Outdoors

There are so many jogging spots in Melbourne that you will have no excuse to not get in shape anymore. To stay fit with jogging, go to The Tan Track: It’s a known jogging stretch here. It is around 3.8 km long, and you can enjoy the view of the Yarra river, botanical gardens, or the Arts Center Spire.

Also, try the Australian run calendar, which allows you to check for running events like marathons or half-marathons or 5K or 10K, and other competitions to stay fit.

Go Tap Footing

A fun way to get into shape is offered by tap footing, a new way to get flexible and increase coordination and muscle power using the combination of tapping a foot and resistant training. The best part about this is you stay fit while enjoying your heart out to broadway, funk, or classical songs.

There is no age limit to the Tap footing regime, and you can check out what it is and how to do it through TAPfit.

Get Grooving With Salsa

Want a couple of fitness regimes? Then, join the salsa class in Melbourne. It will keep you active and fit, and Salsa has multiple other health benefits. It requires coordination, concentration, and flexibility. By learning this, you will relax your muscles and improve your posture too. Check out Melbourne Salsa to see how salsa can change your fitness game.

Try Your Hands at Quidditch

Did you watch Harry Potter in your teens and always wanted to play Quidditch? Well, if you are in Melbourne, you can fulfill your wish. All you need to do is find some quidditch club and join them for free.

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These clubs offer a unique and fast-paced sport that will get you moving in a fun way. Fulfill your wish to be a quidditch player while moving your body to stay healthy and active.

Go to Carlton Gardens for Playing Basketball

If you love playing basketball, go to Carlton Gardens and enjoy a game against friends or other leagues. Play hoops to stay fit and active.

A sedentary lifestyle is the root cause of multiple illnesses. Therefore, keep yourself fit by being active and enrolling yourself in a class or doing any physical activity that you love. Start with a simple walk around your corner and go with any of these activities to stay fit in a fun way.

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