We all want clear and vibrant skin, which is healthy too. And to get this, we use tons of skincare products without even considering their effect on our skin. It is especially true for individuals who are beginning their skincare routine from scratch and have no knowledge about their skin type or the products crowding the market. If you follow any skincare routine that suits an influencer, you will have skin problems because their skin isn’t the same as yours, and neither are your issues.

Therefore, to ensure you have the best and healthy skin, you need a proper skincare routine, and for that, you need to buy the best skincare products like Dermavel for yourself. So, how to find the ideal skincare products for yourself? With the help of these tips.

Know your skin type

Every skin is different, and if you don’t know your skin type, you will buy the wrong products, which will do more harm than good. There are four skin types- oily, dry, sensitive, and combination. Individuals can also have oily T-zone with dry face skin, and others have oily skin prone to severe acne. Therefore, using skincare products blindly without knowing your skin type is a stupid move. A dermatologist or cosmetologist can aid you in determining your skin type.

Here are the ingredients to check for in your favorite skincare products to know if they suit your skin type.

  • Oily skin: Most of your products should have hyaluronic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and hydroxy acid as it helps control excess sebum production. Moreover, you can also go with a probiotic skincare routine, using products with probiotics (live organisms) to relieve acne.
  • Sensitive skin: Many ingredients are ideal for sensitive skin. However, the best ones are shea butter and aloe vera. They can keep your skin free of breakouts and other issues.
  • Dry skin: Shea butter with lactic acid is perfect for dry skin as it helps keep it hydrated and radiant.
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Address your skin issues

Hydrating your skin with moisturiser and serum is necessary, but so is addressing your skin’s issues. Every skin has a different problem. For instance, you may have acne marks or dark circles, or hyperpigmentation. Thus, along with the regular products, you should also use products that address these issues. Remember to buy products for specific problems ensuring they suit your skin type.

Don’t buy into the hype

The influencer culture can make us buy products without even blinking twice. But, it is the wrong way to go about purchasing skincare products because you are paying attention to how glowing their face looks after using them. However, do you know their skincare type? No! Right? So, determine that first and understand what issues they are facing and if it is similar to yours.

Lastly, always check the list of ingredients to ensure it has items beneficial for your skin and doesn’t cause an adverse reaction for you.

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Natural or organic isn’t always better

We all want natural and organic products for our skin. It’s a good step for your skin and the environment. However, when buying organic or natural, you have to look at the ingredients carefully. Just reading the word natural or organic and buying into it doesn’t help your skin. Instead, check the list of ingredients to identify if their claim of being 100% chemical free is valid or not. Learn more on how to know if a product is natural or not.

Always have these four steps in your skincare routine.

We don’t know about you, but following celebrities with a 40-steps skincare routine is too much to handle. However, we recommend using four steps in your skincare routine, which are pretty basic.

  • Cleanser

The first step is to use a cleaner for your skin to remove all the dirt from your face and neck.

  • Hydration

To hydrate your skin, you need a good moisturiser with ingredients that suit your skin type.

  • Sunscreen

Please, never step outside the house without good sunscreen. It protects your skin from UV rays and harsh weather.

  • Treatment

The last step should include any cream or serum addressing your specific issues like fading scars or ageing lines.

To conclude, use these tips and ensure you have healthy and breathable skin. Also, remember that not everyone needs a 24-step skincare routine. Instead, consistent minimum practice will do the trick, along with eating healthy and stressing less.

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