Nothing good comes from being unprepared. Travelling with babies, toddlers, and young kids without proper preparation and planning can be disastrous, and your vacation can quickly become a nightmare.

Travelling isn’t the most pleasant experience for some families, whether by aeroplane or car, especially when you have a rowdy and unruly toddler into the mix. Young kids don’t have the patience to sit quietly for hours. Not to mention, the sudden ear-popping caused by air pressure can be a little scary for them.

And with babies, the constant crying can turn heads in the cabin, mind you; their looks can be lethal; you wish you were invisible. Thankfully, with our travel tips, you can have a stress-free trip with your little ones—whether it’s a long trip or not!

Travel tip #1: Choose the right baby gear for travel

For some parents, it’s pretty unimaginable to get through the airport without a stroller. According to these guys, you may need to switch out your full-sized standard stroller for a lighter one that can be folded into a compact unit without much effort and can be carried easily. Always use appropriate safety gear such as car seats and seat belts when travelling by car.

Not sure which baby gear is best for travel? Check out here.

Travel tip #2: Book an early flight

The best way to avoid delays at takeoff and landing is to book the earliest possible flight. Aside from the fact that these flights are often less cramped, everyone on the flight is most likely sleepy—including your kids!

Travel Tip #3: Pack enough food and essentials

There’s a slim chance that your little one would be interested in plane food, and food choices on the plane can be limited.

And if you are travelling to new or unfamiliar places, introducing fresh food to your little one can be difficult, especially when they are fussy eaters.

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So, it’s best to pack enough food to get you and your little traveller through the journey, especially when it takes longer than planned. Carry their favourite snacks and drinks in the diaper bag when you go about your itinerary.

Travel tip #4: Take proper precautions

Again, when travelling by car, avoid stacking things on the back ledge of your car as they can become dangerous flying objects when you suddenly have to hit the brakes.

When travelling by aeroplane, the sudden change in air pressure can hurt your child’s ears, especially with an ear infection. Have them drink water or suck on candy after takeoff and landing. Swallowing or sucking will help with the ear pressure.

Travel tip #5: Beware of germs and viruses

Just like any public transportation, airplanes can harbor many germs and bacteria.

When flying with your baby and toddler, keeping their hands to themselves is impossible.

Their little hands are always in treacherous reach. So, wipe down everything within their reach, such as seat trays, seatbelts, and armrests.

Also, bored young kids walk around the cabin during the seatbelt sign-off. Make sure they wear their shoes, especially when going to the bathroom. The bathroom floor is a petri dish for microbes. Of course, things jolt around when you’re in the air. It’s safe to assume that it’s not just water on the bathroom floor—yuck!

Travel tip #6: Choose a kid-friendly airline

Some airlines go the extra mile to keep the little travellers on board happy and occupied. They offer all sorts of kid perks, such as a wide selection of kids’ favourite TV shows, activity books with crayons, and origami paper aeroplane kits that will keep those little hands busy.

Travel Tip #7: Bring surprises

When travelling with a toddler, tantrums and sudden outbursts can happen at any time, whether on the plane, in the car, or at a restaurant. Bringing a wrapped new toy can work wonders. Kids enjoy unwrapping stuff, and a new toy can grab their attention longer than an old one.

You can show young kids a map if you’re travelling by car and point out the landmarks. Besides keeping them entertained, you’re also teaching them how to read maps!

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Travel Tip #8: Reduce the risk of motion sickness

Take frequent rest stops when travelling by car but make sure to park in a safe area. And as you go, encourage your little one to look out the window more often than at a stationary item they are holding, such as a book or tablet. To get them to look out the window, play family games like I-spy. It’ll take the boredom away, too—including yours!

Also, avoid feeding your little ones heavy and greasy food before travelling. It may cause indigestion that may lead to vomiting.


Whether travelling with your babies, toddlers, or young kids, one thing is for sure: it can be very challenging. But a little forethought is all you need to save you from parental stress.

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