Surrogacy is a good option for couples who want to have children but are unable or otherwise do not wish to involve their own bodies in the process of pregnancy. Thousands upon thousands of people around the world have used surrogacy over the years, and you’re not alone!

It’s important to find an agency and clinic that provides the best services. This article offers tips for prospective parents who want to start their journey with surrogacy in Georgia.

The World Center of Baby Agency offers a straightforward surrogacy program, along with the chance to fulfill your dreams—all under Georgia’s easy-to-understand laws.

You Will Have a Baby Legally

In Georgia, there is legal recognition of reproductive technologies. With legal precedents surrounding surrogacy and assisted reproductive procedures, Surrogacy Georgia offers couples from around the globe safe avenues through which they can start their families. Since the 1990s, Surrogacy Georgia has fostered a positive environment for couples who want to start families but can’t do so naturally.

You Will Have a Healthy Baby

As a leading Georgia surrogacy agency, we have comprehensive surrogacy services throughout the world. We use in vitro fertilization with donor sperm and/or eggs to help our patients achieve their family dreams. Doctors at a surrogacy agency narrow down the eligible candidates through extensive health screenings, psychological evaluations, and family interviews. Women between ages 21 and 41 who meet certain criteria are then matched with intended parents.

You Will Have Your Baby: Surrogacy Agency in Georgia

In Georgia, intended parents are only allowed to use gestational surrogacy. In this arrangement, the surrogate mother is responsible for carrying a child to term and giving birth; however, her name does not appear on the baby’s birth certificate as its legal parent(s). However, another woman may offer to be artificially inseminated or receive an egg donation so that she can become pregnant for someone else. She is compensated for her time and trouble but has no legal rights over the child once it’s born—it’s biological parents are now its only legally recognized guardians.

You Will Have a Baby: The Cost of Surrogacy in Georgia is The Most Affordable

Georgia is considered one of the most affordable places for surrogacy in the world. With no additional or hidden costs, it includes all fees—from beginning to end—for intended parents on their journey through surrogacy.

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The cost of surrogacy in Georgia depends on several factors. These include the clinic or agency you choose. The World Center of Baby provides every service needed for a successful surrogacy journey, from IVF treatment to egg retrieval and embryo transfer—and your legal expenses are included. Surrogacy cost in Georgia is some of the most affordable in the world!

We Know How to Make Sure You Have a Baby

Our Surrogacy Agency in Georgia has a long history of success and provides Intended parents with full support throughout the entire process. A genetic counselor can help you with the emotional and medical aspects of being tested for a disease or disorder. We will schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to determine whether surrogate birth is a viable option for you. If so, we can begin the process immediately if all parties are in agreement.

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Our surrogacy agency in Georgia offers comprehensive services. We help everyone achieve their goal – be it surrogacy or embryo transfer. Our lawyers and psychologists are ready to assist you in answering all of your questions. We will provide professional guidance so that you can be confident in our help and support with a surrogacy agency in Georgia.

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