MMA is popular, and its stars spill over into other sports and the media. MMA demands training in all facets of fighting, from footwork to grappling. More safety equipment is needed. We’ll help you choose the right gear.

MMA includes striking, knees, and elbows. Therefore, it’s important for everyone practicing to have the right protection to avoid damage and get the most out of their training. The level you train at affects how much equipment you need, but there are some essentials.

If you’re considering joining a mixed martial arts (MMA) gym, you should consider what kind of MMA training equipment you’ll need.

Most of it is for your protection during practice. Training in mixed martial arts may be fun and safe if you have Engage Fightwear. It’s recommended that even novices invest in quality equipment rather than opting for lesser options.

What MMA Gym Gear You Need


This equipment shields the groin area from blows during combat. In terms of size, they’re not all the same. Most women wear their cups as underwear tucked into their gi or gym shorts. You may find a high-quality variant that looks like a helmet and is padded around the head and shoulders. This is what most fighters desire.

Try different sizes and think about how the cups feel as you drink from them. Your legs and stomach may feel the impact more strongly from a rigid plastic strap-style cup. A professional competition cup has soft foam inside and is encased in vinyl.

Hand Wraps

Boxing and MMA gloves are mandatory for practice. Picking the right gloves will safeguard your hands and your opponent or sparring partner.

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MMA fighters use a small, lightweight glove that provides minimal protection yet allows grappling. The fingerless, open-palm design protects vital body parts without being too restrictive. Despite their diminutive stature, they provide far more defense than a bare fist.


Hand wraps or inner gloves provide further protection and moisture absorption under MMA gloves.

Professional fighters bandage their hands before every fight. Putting them on may take a few extra minutes, but the rewards are worth it.

Helmet Cover

A head guard is essential for mixed martial arts training to protect your head and brain from blows and keep your ears safe from injury while grappling.

For novices, it’s worth noting that certain head guards come with removable face guards. Pick one with this function since your face will appreciate it.


More combat sports shorts than before. We’ve developed a tutorial on picking shorts to assist you in deciding. MMA is more flexible than other sports in terms of what you can wear, so you can focus on performance and wear what you like.

Mixed Martial Arts involves throwing high kicks and knees and tying up your partner, so flexibility is key. Durability is vital, so you don’t trash it while squashed against the cage.


Teeth can’t heal. Thus it’s crucial to protect them. Mouth guards protect teeth from impacts by absorbing shock. Mouthguards won’t prevent you from being knocked out.

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Professional fighters have custom-fit mouthguards, which may be pricey. Therefore amateurs choose boil-and-bite mouth guards, which offer good protection. Finding a tight, comfortable fit for boil and bite gum shields is difficult.


MMA kicks are important, but you won’t be exact at first. Even an inert bag can hurt in the situation, so wear shin protection.

Shin pads protect like MMA gloves. Ensure the shin guards fit properly. Height and shin length determine fit.


Ear protectors have many uses and come in many forms. Again, a newbie may not need to buy it immediately and may borrow it. Ear guards protect your ear from collision, tearing, scraping, and cauliflower.

Cauliflower ear is caused by blunt ear damage that restricts blood flow. You can choose a classic wrestling mat style or a contemporary model with extra straps for fit and comfort. These are for the mat and not for sparring.


MMA is dangerous. Cheap safety gear increases risk. Buy high-quality safety gear to protect yourself. Investing in long-lasting equipment is smart.

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