Skin laxity can happen at any age but mostly starts between ages 35-40. Taking cautiousness of your skin as you age is essential to ensure you still have a youthful face. There are a lot of things that lead to the loosening of the skin. One major cause is when internal and external factors affect the molecules and cells that help to keep the skin elastic, hydrated, and firm. Additionally, the skin laxity that occurs as you age occurs due to hyaluronic acid, elastin fibers, and loss of collagen networks. Taking care of your skin can be as simple as washing it often and more complex as going through surgery. The good news is that there are numerous ways you can reverse loose skin and make it look young. This article will explore the causes and remedies for sagging skin.

Causes of Sagging Skin

The collagen found in the body and skin is responsible for keeping the skin in its structure and forms joint tissue between bones and muscles. As you age, collagen production decreases, making the skin less elastic and forming fine lines and wrinkles begin. Also, as the collagen decreases, so does the fat in the deeper layers of the skin. This leaves gaps underneath the skin and results in skin sagging or dropping. Loose skin can be due to various things, such as stretching the skin molecules and changing the skin structure. Some things that change the skin structure include pregnancy and rapid weight loss. Additionally, various lifestyle and health factors can contribute to losing skin.

Some of the other things that cause the skin to get loose are

● Ultraviolet Light Damage (UV)

● Drinking alcohol


● Detergents and skin products that contain harmful chemicals

● Smoking

● Artificial tanning

● Specific medications such as corticosteroids and steroids

You need to tame your lifestyle and health precautions to avoid damaging your skin and ensure its health. Below are some techniques for tightening loose skin and ways to prevent the skin from sagging.

Minimal Invasive Procedures

When you are looking to firm your skin you can consider using a minimally invasive procedure. Some of the minimally invasive procedures include


If you are searching for a safe and minimally invasive injectable medication, Botox is your choice. Botox will prevent muscles from your face from moving which makes your skin appear smoother. If you want to get a botox today, consult with the health care to ensure you follow the right procedure.

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After the process, the sagging skin will be firmed and fixed. Furthermore, most of these procedures are safe and painless. The results can last from three- six months and will remove all the wrinkles.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is another minimally invasive procedure that targets your face and the area under the chin. It penetrates deep into the skin and helps in boosting collagen production. Depending on the results you see, you might need one round of the treatment, or you will need to repeat the treatment.

Laser Peel

Laser skin resurfacing is a less invasive procedure aiming at peeling the top layer of the skin and promoting collagen production. However, the treatment results are not permanent, and you might have to repeat the procedure often for firmer skin.

Constant Exercise

Exercising regularly helps to keep you healthy and ensures your skin glows. Some exercises, such as face yoga, are known to reduce the effects of aging. You can consider doing endurance exercises helps in increasing the tissue metabolizing, which helps to minimize the changes. It does this by stimulating the release of interleukin-15b produced by the skeletal muscle. However, if your skin is sagging as a result of pregnancy you need to consult with a healthcare professional to advise you on the exercises you can engage in and those you can’t.

Using Firming Products

Many firming products in the market today range from creams, gels, patches, and other products.

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However, reading the ingredients is essential to avoid using harmful products. When looking for firming products, consider those containing retinoid compounds. Retinoids are antioxidants that are very crucial to boost the production of collagen. You need to use the firming product consistently to allow it to penetrate deep into the skin to help lift the sagging skin.

Drink Enough Water

Water has a lot of benefits for the body. When you drink water regularly, it helps to make your skin glow. Cells can work effectively with enough water, making them more elastic.

Bottom Line

Taking care of your skin should be a priority as it is your largest organ. Always consult with health care for nonsurgical procedures to know what works best for you.

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