Why Are Retro Games Popular Again?

In the 21st century, the development of digital technology has reached unprecedented heights, especially in the game industry. However, the so-called retro games are still at the peak of popularity. Retro means items created according to the style of the 1920-70s. They are usually associated with nostalgia and are highly appreciated among collectors and fans of vintage. Below we will discuss what retro games are popular with modern gamers and what the reason for such popularity is.

Eye-catching Distinctive Graphics

At the time of the development of this direction, graphics features were not really advanced. So, the graphics were simplified as much as possible, thus, reducing the game size to 16-bit. In other words, those were pixel games. Ultimately, this type of design became a separate game genre.

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Of course, nowadays modern developers do their best to repeat the unique style of retro games but their products do not have that feeling of nostalgia, which is experienced when playing Mario or Sonic. You can read more about retro gaming here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retrogaming. A distinct theme is the bright and saturated colors, which do not seem to fit any rules of color matching theory.

However, they do look wonderful in combination with each other. Bright green for the grass, blue for the sky, and yellow for the background and character details – this color scheme is well-known to all players who have enjoyed retro games at least once in their lives. Aiming to attract new users, online casinos also get immersed in this atmosphere. Free slot machine games with free spins inspired by the design of iconic Zelda, Mario, and even Tetris are becoming more and more common these days.

No Updates

Nowadays, users need to spend a few hours of their personal time to download and install a video game and then unpack files to install subsequent upgrades. When we were in the era of retro games, all we had to do was to insert a floppy disk into the drive, launch the game and plunge into a world of epic adventures. And in order to get an improved or new version of the game, it was necessary to go to the store and buy a new floppy disk, which adds a touch of special charm to this process.

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And over time the gamers have accumulated a whole collection of floppies. Moreover, in the days of floppy discs, gamers did not have to think about the capacity and performance characteristics of the device because all players had the same settings and floppy discs were made specifically for them in a single preset format.

Plot Twists and Turns

Retro games had, albeit not the most elaborate, but a comprehensive plot. It could evolve even based on the subtlest actions performed by the player, such as:

  • Choosing a non-standard answer in the game dialogue.
  • Losing the battle with the final boss.
  • Loss of health hearts.
  • Additional quests.
  • Suspension of the main storyline.

The possibility of influencing the plot tempts players to go through the game with the maximum number of finals. By the way, such an idea with various finals is used even in the development of plots for free slots win real money to make sure that the gameplay is more exciting. When it comes to slots, plots can affect the final winnings the same way as the lottery system through the reels.

Retro Game Genres

Most retro games were similar in their lore and genre. Nevertheless, there was a certain charm in them that even modern developers are trying to adopt. Usually, the retro universe was divided into the following genres:

Genre Description
Indie games Such games were created by independent developers without the support of computer companies or communities. Nevertheless, indie games are usually the most aesthetically harmonious because the idea and nature of one specific author can be seen.
Shooters These are typical games, the main purpose of which is “Shoot and Run”. Currently, this trend has reached extraordinary heights but they were just emerging during the era of retro games and were at a primitive level. A good example of a retro shooter game is Dusk. It perfectly repeats the atmosphere of the game world in the 1990s.
Fighting These games represent combat, and it was done in a particularly unusual way in such a game as Hotline Miami. They added a 2D mode in the runner style, which was quite uncommon for a demonstration of battles.
Runners These are games where the goal is to run as much as possible and collect all the rewards. This category includes the well-known Sonic.
Farm and Household This genre is ideal for aesthetes – people who like everything to look harmonious and pleasant. Usually, such games show farm life, the player has to take care of the household and sell items produced on his/her personal farm. The most popular retro game of this genre is Stardew Valley.
Puzzle Games It is a very popular genre. Its shifting from paper to digital environments has been a real advancement. One of the most popular representatives of this genre is Tetris.

Certainly, this is only a small part of the existing genres. After all, the game industry is continually evolving and only improving its mechanics and plots. A good example of game development is Japan, which has made a real breakthrough in this area. M

Despite the fact that Japan was not a retro gaming giant, many adults experience nostalgia when they see its games because Japanese games were popular among young people in the 1990s.


Retro games are very popular because they combine extreme simplicity and high-quality design. They evoke warm nostalgic memories. After all, most of the population of the planet had time to enjoy these masterpieces of the game industry. It turns out that retro games, even in today’s reality, are a breath of fresh air for players of all ages and nationalities.

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