Apprehended Violence Orders, or AVOs, are formal court orders that prevent someone from being stalked, harassed, abused, or intimidated by another person. AVOs can be made against a person’s family, friends, associates, and strangers. The person may be prohibited from approaching or making contact with the victim or getting too close. AVO lawyers can help people to understand the law and people’s rights and obligations. An AVO lawyer is a legal advisor representing people who require an AVO or have been served with it.

Types and their purposes

Apprehended Violence Disorder can be personal or domestic. Each has a different purpose. A personal violence order protects a person from intimate violence by another person. This includes violence that has already happened, as well as violence that may occur in the future. For instance, an order for protection against domestic violence is issued to shield a victim from their domestic abuser. Domestic violence includes physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, and economic violence.

Apprehended Violence Orders can order the person to:

  • Not approach, contact, threaten, assault, molest, harass or stalk you, or otherwise interfere with you.
  • Not approach or come within a certain distance of your home, workplace, or any other place you frequently go.
  • Not damage or destroy your property.
  • Not behave in a way that one reasonably expects to arouse apprehension or fear in you.

The police or the victim can make AVOs through the court or with the help of a lawyer. If the offender breaks any of the conditions of the AVO, they can be arrested and charged with a criminal offence.


Benefits of hiring professional lawyers

Many benefits come with hiring skilled AVO lawyers. These benefits include:

Applying for an AVO

A lawyer can help you apply for an AVO to protect you from violence or threat. The court will order the person not to commit a personal violence offence against you. If someone contravenes or breaches the order, they can be arrested and charged.

Explaining the Local Court process

A lawyer can explain the court process to you and help you understand what will happen next. They are aware of the tasks that one must complete and when. This means they can take care of the entire process from start to finish.

AVO and Criminal Records

Your criminal history will show any Apprehended Violence Disorders that have been filed against you. This can impact your ability to get a job, travel, or rent a property. Your alternatives are explained to you by a lawyer, who can also assist you in comprehending the effects that such a case will have on your criminal record.


Experienced and knowledgeable

The benefit of hiring professional lawyers is that they are experienced and knowledgeable. They have handled many similar cases in the past and know the ins and outs of the field. They can provide you with the best legal representation and advice.

Peace of mind

Finally, hiring professional AVO lawyers can give you peace of mind. When you know that you have the best legal representation, you can relax and focus on other things.


Consider some things when searching for legal help. You must ensure that the lawyer you choose practices the law relevant to your case. Also, find out the lawyer’s experience handling Apprehended Violence Disorder cases. You will also want to ensure you know the fees before hiring anyone. Once you have considered all of these things, you should be able to make a more informed decision on which lawyer would be the best fit for you and your case.


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