The year 2023 is going to be about colors, beauty, creativity, and a lot of mix and match. There are going to be a lot of options for colors in the coming months. But when it comes to choosing the proper couture for your wedding, you can trust this blog to guide you in the right direction. Let’s have a look at the most popular colors that will trend in 2023 as per the four most popular Fashion Week events in the world.

Everyone Is Talking About The New York Fashion Week

1. The Brightness And Boldness Of It All

The New York Fashion Week was all about bright shades and lively colors. Some of the most prominent colors that one could see during this week were fuchsia, lime, various shades of orange, and neon pink as well. The range of colors that emerged during this event was very wide, beginning with some of the most calming tones to bright and bold combinations. These colors do not just symbolize the new freedom that the world has found but also the excitement that everyone feels for the future. A lot of positivity is in the air, and therefore these colors are going to be trending in the coming year and for quite a few months.

2. Extreme Contrast And More

The color combinations that emerged during the same fashion event and throughout its various shows are also worth noticing. These combinations were made very popular by Sarah Jessica Parker in the hugely successful series Sex and the City. Contrasting colors such as mustard yellow and olive green, in addition to shades of lime with charcoal black, are a few examples that many women will be following in the coming year and beyond.

What Does The London Fashion Week Say?

3. Vibrant Colors Were The Theme

The London Fashion Week was all about vibrant colors from all over the country. Also, the one thing that emerged as a big surprise for everyone was the use of green, purple, orange, and pink very generously throughout the designs presented by most of the designers. This, again, was a symbol of freedom and the way the world has embraced the fact that it has survived the pandemic and come out a winner.

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4. Prints Galore For Everyone

Another very amazing and inspiring trend to look out for in 2023 will be the extensive use of prints and patterns. The coming year is not going to see much complementary and/or clashing prints. It is going to be a year of bold prints combined with soft textures. Also, pairing dull pastel shades with bright colors belonging to the same palette is going to be one of the biggest trendsetters in 2023.

One Would Wonder About The Paris Fashion Week

5. Beautiful Colours For The Wedding Season

The wedding season is going to be completely different this year. The stock is of neutral colors that are dominated by bright and bold accessories. So, when you are about to choose the right flower girl dresses for your wedding, you should look at pallets that are more subdued and mild on your eyes. Colors such as Barbie pink and also dull peacock, light blue, and lilac are very much in trend these days. These colors are very appropriate for sheer dresses, specifically designed for the late spring and early summer seasons. The contouring is very much appropriate for the warmer months of the year, and if you decide to get married anytime during May or June, you should go with these colors without a doubt.

6. Whites And More Whites

The Paris Fashion Week was also about a lot of color fluidity, especially using white which was a glorious addition to several designs presented by some of the most popular designers. Color combinations, including pearl white, ivory, off-white, water chestnut, powder, macaron cream, and closet mix, were a few that dominated most of the collections that people went crazy for. So yes, these colors, in addition to several shades of light grey, garage mix, and silver charm, are going to be in trend in 2023.

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So There You Have It

There are so many colors to choose from in 2023. Of course, there is a lot of scope with them, and you would want that. You can apply your own creativity and come up with your own ideas when redesigning or revamping your style. Your wardrobe is going to get a new lease on life and you are going to love every bit of it. Happy dressing in 2023!

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