A new documentary, “Anthony Bourdain – The Final Note,” has been released, offering a hauntingly intimate insight into the life of the acclaimed chef and food writer Anthony Bourdain.

The director behind the powerful docu-series WASTED! The Story of Food Waste and episodes from Parts Unknown and The Mind of a Chef directed this documentary. Working closely with Anthony’s family and closest friends, the documentary aims to give audiences never before heard interviews and personal tapes that few have ever seen. “Anthony Bourdain – The Final Note” provides an honest and sometimes sobering account of Anthony’s mental health struggles leading to his devastating suicide in 2018.

The film also attempts to shed light on what happened in the weeks before Anthony’s death, featuring chilling audio recordings between him and producer Raw Zero. It paints a picture of a strong-willed individual struggling with depression amidst an ambition to bring empathy into food writing worldwide.

“Anthony Bourdain – The Final Note” dives deeper into Anthony’s life through candid, raw conversations with chefs Eric Ripert, José Andrés, Sean Brock and Kris Yenbamroong; friends like Rose McGowan; industry icons such as Bill Murray; industry contemporaries including David Chang; producers Tom Vitale and Sandy Zweig who were with him during some his early years in broadcasting; plus many more voices with special insight into who he was at his core.

Overview of Anthony Bourdain’s Life

Anthony Bourdain, the beloved chef and television star, was one of the most influential figures in the hospitality industry. His life was filled with adventure, emotion, and tragedy.

This documentary goes deeply into the life of Anthony Bourdain, exploring those moments that shaped him and the ultimate tragedy of his untimely death.

We will overview his life and the stories that made him iconic.

Early Life

Anthony Michael Bourdain was a renowned American chef, writer and television personality best remembered for the popular travel and food series ‘No Reservations’ and ‘Parts Unknown’. Born on June 25th, 1956 in New York City to parents Pierre Bourdain and Gladys Bourdain, he grew up in Leonia, New Jersey. He went to Vassar College, beginning his lifelong love of unusual foods. He studied culinary arts at the Culinary Institute of America and later trained in numerous restaurants in New York for almost ten years before inaugurating his career as a chef-turned-author with his first book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures from the Culinary Underbelly.

Bourdain was widely considered one of the most influential chefs and food personalities due to his revolutionary style of narrative writing about food techniques, flavors, and ingredients that changed how people viewed cooking. He went on to be awarded multiple books including Les Halles Cookbook (2005), A Cook’s Tour(2001) and Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to Food (2010). In addition, his books have earned him several awards such as a Food Writers’ Award from Bon Appétit Magazine in 1998 and two awards from The James Beard Foundation – one for television programming (2004) and a Humanitarian Award (2013).

Career and Accomplishments

Anthony Bourdain is best remembered for transforming the cooking and food writing world. His frank and often brutally honest opinions made him one of the most respected chefs, travel writers, and parts unknown yet tremendously popular TV hosts known worldwide.

Bourdain first rose to prominence in 2000 with the publication of his book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, followed by A Cook’s Tour, both Book and TV series which catapulted him into global recognition. He won multiple Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Writing for Non-Fiction Programming and multiple awards from the Peabody Awards, The Guild of Food Writers, NAACP Image Awards. Additionally, he published numerous books featuring his travel stories.

As an author, Bourdain inspired a generation of aspiring cooks who came to see him not just as a mentor or a harsh critic but also a source of inspiration who exposed the world to authentic cuisine from places around the globe that were unknown before he went there. Revealing aspects and contexts embedded within food culture; stories were told that brought viewers closer to understanding life in different corners of our planet we never saw before Anthony Bourdain journeyed there with us at home.

Personal Life

Anthony Bourdain was born in New York City in 1956 and spent most of his early years studying culinary arts. He eventually moved to France, where he attended the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu cooking institute. He had a successful career as a chef, working in some of the finest kitchens worldwide before becoming a successful author, television host, and creative director of CNN’s critically acclaimed show Parts Unknown.

Bourdain was married to MMA fighter Ottavia Busia from 2007 to 2016, and they had one daughter together. Although Bourdain and his wife were divorced at the time of his death in 2018, they remained close friends until his passing. The celebrated chef was also an advocate for women’s rights and anti-bullying initiatives and was a member of Mensa International — an association reserved for those with demonstrated high intelligence or achievements.

His career as a renowned storyteller is remembered through two feature length films: A Cook’s Tour (2002) and Exploring Cambodia with Anthony Bourdain (2017). At the time of his death, he also had an upcoming film project slated for release on June 8th, 2020 titled Capturing Japan with Anthony Bourdain that explored Japan’s culture through food.

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A Haunting New Documentary About Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain: Lost in Life is a new documentary by Morgan Neville detailing the life of the late chef and television host. The documentary features interviews from some of Bourdain’s closest friends and clips from his popular television shows.

Through this documentary, viewers can celebrate the life of Anthony Bourdain and learn about his legacy.

Plot Summary

The Documentary is a haunting yet endearing look into the life of Anthony Bourdain as seen through the eyes of his closest friends and family. This film explores how Anthony’s life was shaped by his love of cooking, traveling, writing and exploring new cultures. His passion for adventure and unique perspective on food set him apart from others in the culinary world, making him a much-loved figure even after his tragic death in 2018.

An intimate profile of Anthony’s life is presented, from childhood memories to struggles in the culinary industry to his global success on television shows such as ‘No Reservations’ and ‘Parts Unknown.’ Viewers are given an insightful glimpse into why Anthony chose to live an adventurous life by exploring many regions across the planet- which often led him down dangerous roads and paths that most would never embark upon. This film also captures unguarded moments with those who knew him best __ perhaps more so than we ever have seen before –including conversations with chef colleagues Eric Ripert, José Andrés, and Wylie Dufresne.

His influence through travel changed not only himself but those around him; a fact made plain by testimony from friends and family members who knew what it meant when he said “try something new today”. It is truly remarkable how even after his passing, he continues to inspire us daily with this meaningful sentiment. The Documentary offers audiences a beautifully crafted long form look into Anothony Bourdain’s journey- one that will occupy minds for years.

Production and Reception

The Documentary is a haunting new documentary about the life and death of the celebrated chef and television host Anthony Bourdain. The movie explores the amazing highs and heartbreaking lows of his life, from his humble beginnings in the restaurant business, to his reputation as one of the world’s most beloved television personalities. Through interviews with close family, friends, colleagues and archival footage, this powerful and poignant film gives an inside look at Bourdain’s extraordinary life.

The Documentary was produced by award-winning director Morgan Neville with producing partner Lisa Nishimura, who won Emmy Awards together for 20 Feet From Stardom. The film was released in cinemas in 2019 to critical acclaim from critics, fans and audiences worldwide. In addition, it won multiple awards on its festival circuit including Audience Choice Awards at Biografilm Festival in Italy, Doc NYC US Documentary Competition Juror Choice Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival And Jury Grand Prize Award at Sheffield Doc Fest UK 2019.

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Reflection on Anthony Bourdain’s Legacy

Anthony Bourdain was an incredibly influential in food, culture, and travel. His unique outlook and unbridled enthusiasm for the world inspired us all.

A recently released documentary looks at Bourdain’s past and how he found his voice as a public figure. Let’s look at this documentary and explore Bourdain’s legacy.

Impact on the Culinary World

Anthony Bourdain’s impact on the culinary world is unmistakable and undeniable. He inspired audiences worldwide to explore authentic and sometimes unknown culinary experiences, and his passion for food, culture, and travel changed how people worldwide experienced and interacted with food. Bourdain was a vanguard who helped break cultural boundaries in a rapidly changing world.

He was instrumental in redefining the culinary experiences of millions who did not previously have access to this information before him. He influentially highlighted local cultures, flavors, ingredients, and techniques on an unprecedented scale. Bourdain brought attention to struggling communities whose stories rarely make headline news. He demonstrated an empathy rarely seen in celebrity chefs and reached people in ways that cultural icons like Ghandi or Mandela had only seen.

Bourdain was also a passionate advocate for changing discriminatory mindsets within hospitality industry by giving voices to more representative representations of human experience across race and sexual orientation including critically ill chefs who can’t find employment due to their diagnosis or female chefs who face an uphill battle navigating sexism within their industry and countries.

The acclaimed chef’s life work has been recognized by leading international bodies including The International Association of Culinary Professionals awarding him their highest honor –Hall of Fame induction—and UNESCO dubbing him “Ambassador of Culinary Organization—the only one chosen from within the United States.

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Impact on Mental Health Awareness

The late celebrity chef, author and TV host Anthony Bourdain was an important force in the food world, but he also left an indelible legacy regarding mental health awareness. A new documentary about his life and work highlights a side of Bourdain that few knew—his tireless activism for those who struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Bourdain’s demons led to his tragic death in 2018 but, at the same time, his openness about his struggles has created a platform to discuss mental health issues without stigma or shame. The documentary reveals how Bourdain has had a significant impact on peoples’ understanding of depression and suicide—including increasing discussion around depression within the restaurant industry—and fostered a greater understanding of how people generally deal with mental health struggles.

By journeying with him around the world to discover new cultures and their foods, Bourdain enabled audiences to explore their inner realms through external experience while unleashing repressed emotions with his combination of wit and honesty. His death seems to have drawn more attention than ever before on issues of mental health awareness; it gave voice to suffering people whose journey within is too often overlooked or misunderstood.

In honoring Bourdain’s memory, might we be better able to recognize warning signs in ourselves or another? Might we learn strategies for reaching out for help? In encouraging viewers to listen more closely for the unheard calls for help around us, “Wasteland 3” honours Anthony Bourdain’s legacy by shedding light on some dark corners of society otherwise prone to neglect or abuse.


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown features in-depth interviews with the celebrity chef’s family, friends, colleagues and interlocutors. It pulls back the curtain to reveal a man as passionate as vulnerable. Through its collection of stories and archival footage, viewers are offered a glimpse into a life that embraced the highs and lows of a life lived well.

The filmmaker’s decision to structure the film around four different places Bourdain visited encapsulates his whole story — that although people often face insurmountable obstacles, culture can be an avenue for exploration and discovery. Across South Asia, West Africa, Europe and North America, we see that each culture has something valuable to offer even if you come from one of the most estranged places in our world.

Ultimately, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is an ode to a life well lived – full of joys and struggles – while also serving as an invitation for others to experience something different from their perspectives.

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