The answer is not too long, anywhere from 3 to 8 months.

Why are Monstera leaves curling?

This is a natural occurrence that happens when the leaves are exposed to too much sunlight. The suns UV rays cause the plants cells to expand, which causes the leaves to curl.

Why are Monstera plants expensive?

Monstera plants are expensive because they are difficult to grow. They require a lot of care and attention, as well as a lot of space. They also need to be watered daily.

Why does my Monstera look sad?

The Monstera plant is known for its droopy leaves. This is due to the fact that it does not have a strong root system, so it needs more sunlight than other plants.

How do you make a Monstera bushier?

You can use a Monstera plant to make your own bushier monstera. If you want to do this, you should cut the top off of your plant and then place it in a pot with soil that is moist but not wet.

Why did my Monstera stopped splitting?

It is possible that the Monstera you are trying to grow has died. If this is the case, it will not be able to split anymore and will need to be replaced with a new plant.

Why are people obsessed with Monsteras?

Monstera deliciosa is a plant that has been around for centuries. It was originally native to the rainforests of Madagascar, but it can now be found in tropical and subtropical areas all over the world. The leaves are often used as an ornamental plant in gardens, and they have been used traditionally as food by some cultures.

How can you tell how old a Monstera is?

The Monstera plant has a unique way of telling how old it is. It will produce a new leaf every year, and the number of leaves on the plant will tell you how many years it has been around.

When should I repot propagated Monstera?

It is best to repot your Monstera when it has grown at least a foot in height. This will allow the plant to be able to spread its roots more effectively and grow better.

Why is Monstera leaf curling?

The Monstera plant has a very unique way of curling its leaves. This is because the plants leaves are actually made up of two different types of cells, one that can be seen with the naked eye and another type that cannot.

Why are my Monstera leaves floppy?

Monstera leaves are not meant to be floppy. They are designed to be stiff and upright, with a lot of surface area so they can photosynthesize efficiently.

Why are Monstera leaves turning black?

They are turning black because they are dying. The leaves of Monstera plants need sunlight to grow and stay healthy, but the plant is not getting enough light in your home. This is a common problem with indoor plants that dont get enough sunlight.