Salesforce is the world’s most widely used customer relationship management software, which includes a business email address. Even though this number was previously limited to 10 addresses per user, it has recently been expanded and now allows up to 1,000 emails for each user. What does this mean for companies that use Salesforce?

Handle emails that aren’t assigned to records in Salesforce. The remainder go into My Unresolved Items, where you may assign them to relevant Salesforce records or leave them unassigned.

People often wonder how to remove unresolved items in Salesforce.

Select Delete Activities in Bulk. Include a filter in your criteria, such as the following: “Unresolved Email:” BEGINS THE SUBJECT. (Other filters may be used to narrow down your search results.) Click the Search button. Then choose the records you want to delete and click Delete.

Similarly, following synchronization, what item displays in a user’s unresolved items? Contacts, Events, Emails, and Tasks are examples of objects that may appear in a user’s unresolved items list.

Where are unresolved things in lightning as a result of this?

Unresolved Items is a sidebar shortcut in Salesforce Classic that allows you to access your unresolved events. Click your profile image in Lightning Experience, then Unresolved Items. Using the tabs Contacts, Events, and Tasks, quickly evaluate unassigned items by category.

In Salesforce Lightning, how do you remove a task?

Originally published on July 24, 2019.

  1. Open the Sales Application in Salesforce Lightning.
  2. Select “Tasks” from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the right corner, choose the drop down arrow.
  4. Select “Delete” from the menu.
  5. To confirm, choose “Delete.”
  6. The task has been removed! Category.

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