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The “restart summary of each chapter” is a new feature that was introduced in the latest update to the book. The feature allows readers to quickly jump back into any chapters they may have missed.

Restart, Korman’s newest stand-alone novel, is no exception. Ambrose, Chase, an eighth-grader, wakes up in the hospital with amnesia at the start of the novel. He is informed by his mother, whom he does not recognize, that he has fallen over the roof of their home. Chase not only doesn’t recall that, but he has no recollection of his 13 years.

People also inquire, “What is the basic theme of the book restart?”

Chase, the bully, was involved in an event and developed amnesia. His bullying and cognitive processes were obliterated, and he was relegated to the status of a regular youngster. Throughout the story, he grew as a person as a result of the people he met and the acts he decided to do. The book’s central subject was nature vs. nurture.

Is there a movie based on the book restart, for example? YouTube’s Terms of Service have been updated. A combat veteran’s hunt for her lost brother leads her to an organization that offers the irreversibly sad a chance to “restart.” A short video created by University of Pennsylvania students. The 8th of December will be here shortly.

What grade level is the book restarting at this point?

Gordon Korman is a director, screenwriter, and producer’s work

Level of Guided Reading V
Lexile® Scale 730L
DRA Level 50

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Answers to Related Questions

What is the source of the disagreement in restart?

Conflict. He wanted to make friends with those who he had been nasty to or mocked, and no one knew he had amnesia and pretended to be polite before striking with evilness.

In restart, what is the climax?

Chase is in his attic as the narrative reaches its conclusion. Chase discovers the medal of valor in his attic by mistake in the finale, and when he goes across to his neighbor’s home, all he sees is a painting.

In restart, who are all the characters?

  • Ambrose, Chase
  • Brendan Espinoza is a member of the Espinoza family.
  • Weber, Shoshanna
  • Mr.Soloway.
  • Weber, Joel.
  • Aaron Haikiman is a writer.

What are the names of the characters in the book?

Restart is a thoroughly enjoyable account of a thirteen-year-old boy who gets a chance to change his life as a result of an accident. Korman deftly weaves his story using multiple narrators; Ambrose, Chase, Weber, Shoshanna Brendan Espinoza, Kimberly Tooley, Aaron Hakimian, and Weber, Joel.

What is the restart genre?


Psychological Imaginative Fiction

In restart, who is the main character?

Ambrose, Chase

In the restart, how old is Chase?

When 13-year-old Ambrose, Chase wakes up in a hospital after four days in a coma, there’s a woman weeping at his side.

How much does it cost to restart a book?

Paperback. Save 10% on this item by purchasing it for $6.29 instead of $6.99. You get a 10% discount.

Is the book restart worth how many AR points?

Book Level: ATOS 5.2
Level of Interest: Middle School (MG 4-8)
Points for AR: 8.0
Count of words: 49680

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Is the book restarting after a certain number of pages?

Some children seem to be terrified by him. One female in particular is so enraged by him that the first time she gets, she spills her frozen yogurt on his head. Information about the bibliography

Title Restart
Author Gordon Korman is a director, screenwriter, and producer
Publisher 2017 Scholastic Incorporated
ISBN 9781338053784, 1338053787
Length 256 pages

How many words does the book contain when it restarts?

Restart at 250 WPM will take the average reader 3 hours and 58 minutes to read (words per minute). Chase’s memories has just been wiped clean.

The “Restart the book” is a book written by Chuck Palahniuk. It follows the story of Chase, who has just been released from prison and falls off the roof. Reference: why did chase fall off the roof in restart.