The end of gathering blue is an idea given to children as a way to teach them the power they have in their words. Many believe that when someone says something, it becomes true, and so saying you’ll gather blue can really make it happen!

In the end of gathering blue, they are all sitting around the fire. They can see the stars in the sky and feel how close they are to one another.

Kira, the main character, ultimately resolves to restore her house, which was destroyed by fire after her parents were slain. She intends to remain in her village and try to ensure that the inhabitants of the community have a brighter future. Kira has faith in herself and hopes for a brighter future for her village’s residents.

With this in mind, what happens when blue gathers?

Gathering Blue is a work in progress. The Giver Quartet continues with Gathering Blue. Kira is the protagonist of the story. Kira believes that her wounded limb should have tormented her from birth, causing her to be exposed in the Field, which is where the dead, disfigured, or gravely injured are transported.

What happens when you first start accumulating blue? Blue Gathering Summary. The tale opens with Katrina’s death, the mother of a little girl called Kira. Kira lives in a hamlet where the sick and weak are carried off to die in the Field of the Living; once they die, someone is obliged to keep watch for the following four days until the soul leaves the dead body.

In light of this, how is the conflict in Gathering Blue resolved?

Person vs. Society is the battle in Gathering Blue. Kira is beginning to grasp the atrocities of her society in the novel. She takes on the role of the Weaver, who is in charge of mending the Singer’s garment. She is confronted with the problem of transforming her civilization once she discovers what is wrong with it.

What happens to the infants that are born with flaws in Gathering Blue?

When twins are born in The Giver, one is “released,” which means euthanized, and when a defective kid is born in Gathering Blue, he is brought to the field and left for animals. In essence, the same procedure is taking place, and a baby is being slaughtered.

Answers to Related Questions

Is Jonas going to die in the Giver?

Even though Jonas dies in the end, he does so only after having really lived. Gabriel is referred to as a baby, not a newchild, near the conclusion of the work. Both Jonas and Gabriel have become more human.

Is there going to be a gathering blue film?

In 2004,’s Messenger, a successor to Gathering Blue, Jonas resurfaced as a full-fledged character – although under a new name. And now, with the publication of Son, the first direct sequel to The Giver, his (and Gabe’s) odyssey comes to a close.

What does Kira look like when she’s dressed in gathering blue?

Character Analysis of Kira Kira, the child heroine of Gathering Blue, is a little girl with a lame leg who specializes at weaving and is presumably approximately twelve years old. Throughout the book, she is forced to struggle for two powerful inclinations that no one else appears to have: creativity and compassion.

What is the gathering blue field of leaving?

History. The Field of Leaving is a site where sick babies and the dead are abandoned. Kira was almost taken there when she was a baby, but her grandpa had the ability to stop it. Unless one has a lantern, fire, or light, beasts are said to come to the Field at night.

Is Jonas visible in the gathering blue?

Yes and no are the answers. Gathering Blue takes place in a hamlet quite different from the one Jonas left at the conclusion of The Giver. However, near the conclusion of Gathering Blue, Kira’s buddy Matt goes off in quest of the blue, i.e. a plant or other item that may be used to make blue dye.

Is Jonas visible in Messenger?

Jonas, the primary character of The Giver, is the leader. In Messenger, Gabe, the youngster Jonas brought with him on his escape in the last novel, makes a short appearance. Jonas is in command of Village and has the ability to see into the future. He is smart and offers advise to Matty.

What does blue mean in the context of collecting blue?

Analysis of the Blue Symbol Because the robe is an evident emblem of the village’s civilization, blue might represent an emotion that is notably missing among the guards and villagers. This is precisely what Lowry means when he says that blue represents love and compassion.

What is the gathering blue ruin song?

From the beginning to the present, The Ruin Song tells the narrative of humanity and life on Earth. Because the majority of Kira’s population is illiterate, the Ruin Song is the culture’s means of preserving and passing on its past.

What is the message of the blue gathering?

Freedom and Power

From the start of Gathering Blue, it’s evident that the Council of Guardians exerts enormous control over the hamlet. It oversees all trials, holds the yearly Gathering, and has the power to banish anybody from the village at any moment.

In Gathering Blue, who is the antagonist?

As a result, the nemesis in this story is a group of people known as the guardians, whose representative, at least in Kira’s eyes, is Jamison.

In the Giver, what happened to Gabriel?

Gabriel is set to be released.

Jonas is so angry that he spends the night with the Giver after learning that when his father releases newborns, he is really murdering them by lethal injection.

In collecting blue, how does Kira change?

In order to live, she must first alter and adapt. Kira’s culture frowns on persons who are unable to contribute to the village’s well-being. Babies who are born disabled are placed in a field and abandoned to die. People who have been harmed and are unable to work are abandoned to their fate.

What does Kira go looking for at her former home?

What does Kira learn from her previous residence? Kira goes to her mother’s garden and collects her mother’s plants.

What did Jamison say about Kira’s paternal grandfather?

The chief guardian mentions Kira’s father, Christopher, and Jamison confesses that he was hunting with Christopher on the day he was kidnapped by monsters; several of the other guardians nod, indicating that they too knew Christopher.

Why does Kira want Thomas to accompany her?

Kira invites Thomas to accompany her to the Fen. Thomas is first doubtful, since he considers the Fen to be filthy and revolting. Kira expresses her desire to visit Jo’s home.

Gathering Blue is a novel about three sisters and the complicated relationships they have with each other. The story takes place in rural New England, where the girls are forced to grow up quickly. Reference: gathering blue summary chapter 1.