A truant schoolboy is a person who does not attend a public or private school. In some countries this term may also apply to the child of parents who do not send their children to school, and in other countries it may refer specifically to kids who are on vacation during term time.

A “truant schoolboy” is a boy who does not go to school. The term was first used in the late 1800s, and it has been used since then.

What is a truant schoolboy? |

truant. A pupil who is absent from school without permission is referred to as a truant. Truant refers to anyone who is absent from school unexpectedly. A beggar, particularly one who chooses to live this way, is described as a truant in Old French.

What is the synonym for truant, as well?

nt) Without authority, absent. Synonyms. awol is not present. present nice person absence antonyms

Also, what exactly is the truant game? truant – a student who misses school without permission. player who is always on the phone. absentee – a person who is not at home or is not present. 2. truant – a person who refuses to do their job.

So, how do you put the word truant into a sentence?

truant is a word that may be used in a sentence.

  1. _Has been truant, suspended, or expelled from school in the past.
  2. She was a truant and a fugitive as a restless youngster.
  3. When he drinks vodka and skips school, she becomes concerned.
  4. Babe Ruth, the perpetual absentee, would have laughed.

When you skip school, what do you call it?

Frequently skipping school is referred to be “truancy,” and it might result in a suspension from school.

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What is the opposite of truant?

truant. sedulous, domestic, industrious, diligent, loyal, adherent, faithful, attached; antonyms: sedulous, domestic, industrious, diligent, loyal, adherent, faithful, attached; antonyms: sedulous, Synonyms: vagabond, shirker, shirker, shirker, shirker, shirker, shirker, shirker, shirker, shirker, shirker, shirker, shirker, shirker, shirker, shirker

What is the truant component of speech?


portion of a sentence: noun
Combinations of words Feature of Subscribers Regarding this feature
portion of a sentence: adjective
1st definition Absent without permission, especially from school. terms that are similar: absent, absent without leave

What is a synonym for quorum?

A synonym for quorum. a-z. Plenum is a noun that refers to a gathering of people. A gathering or meeting in which all members are present.

What is another word for setter?

typographer, compositor, typesetter, setter(noun) one who puts written information into type. Typesetter, typographer, and compositor are synonyms.

What does it mean to be a truant student?

A pupil who is absent from school without permission is referred to as a truant. You are a truant if you skip school to go shopping with your friends. Because it is both a noun and an adjective, a person can be a truant, and behavior can also be described as truant.

In a sentence, how do you utilize the word hysterical?

Examples of Sentences

  1. I’m not sure whether you’re hysterical, but you definitely show emotion.
  2. She sounded frantic with her distant information, yet she was calm.
  3. A new Cortes was assembled, but it turned out to be little more than a bunch of fanatical ranters.
  4. “Oh, sure, he is,” Jessi answered, her giggle bordering on hysterical.

What is the best way to use the word ambulatory in a sentence?

Examples of Sentences

  1. The number of ambulatory appendages varies.
  2. The nurses at the nursing home’s ambulatory area let the patients to wander about without assistance.
  3. Bill was able to ambulate and leave the hospital after he was entirely recovered.

What does it mean to be a truant at school?

Any purposeful, unjustifiable, unapproved, or unlawful absence from obligatory schooling is referred to as truancy. It is absence caused by students on their own volition, and does not usually refer to legitimately excused absences, such as those due to illness.

What is the best way to utilize optimistic in a sentence?

Examples of Sentences

Jorge was a positive person who saw the bright side of every circumstance. Pessimists might become more optimistic by diverting their attention away from unpleasant thoughts and seeking out the comedy in life. Kevin prefers to spend time with Bob, his upbeat pal, over Victor, his cynical and pessimistic pal.

In a sentence, how do you use the word trance?

trance Examples of Sentences

  1. Her spell was broken as his hand slid off her leg, causing her to glance away.
  2. She giggled as she awoke from her slumber.
  3. He let go of her hand, but his eyes remained fixed on hers in a mesmerizing spell that reminded her of Dracula.
  4. When she heard the voice, she awoke, her mind replaying scenes of Darian’s death.

Is it possible for me to drop out of school at the age of 14?

If a student is enrolled in a test preparation course and has their parents’ permission, they can legally drop out sooner than the law allows in many states. However, to take the GED or a comparable exam to assess high school equivalency abilities, you must be at least 17 or 18 years old.

Is it legal for me to contact the police if my kid refuses to attend school?

If your kid refuses to go to school, the police have no authority to force them to attend. The police do have the jurisdiction to remove a kid of obligatory school age from a public area and transport them to school or other locations approved by the local government (unless that child is home educated).

A truant schoolboy is a boy who skips or misses classes. He may also be referred to as a “playboy” or a “school-skipper.”. Reference: playing truant.