Lydie is a young woman who has been struggling with her identity and feeling isolated. She doesn’t know what she wants to do, where she’s going in life; but when the opportunity comes for her to go back home and see the people that raised her all these years, it seems like a chance worth taking.

Lyddie gets sick in chapter 16, and Rachel does something for her.

What chapter did Lyddie get sick? |

“Fever” is the sixteenth chapter.

Lyddie sends Brigid money when she learns that her mother is unwell and can’t afford a doctor.

So, in Chapter 16, what does Rachel do for Lyddie?

Lyddie is still working in a factory and caring for her sister, Rachel, by chapter 16. Mr. Marsden considers her a valued employee. She spends more than two weeks’ income on new clothing and books for Rachel.

As a result, the issue is: what is Mr Marsden doing when Lyddie hurts him? Lyddie spends more than two weeks’ pay on Rachel’s new clothing and books. Mr. Marsden insists Lyddie remain after work one night and wraps his arms around her. She hurries away from him, stomping his foot with her boot.

Who gets ill in Lyddie in this regard?

Lyddie returns to work in Chapter 14 before she has completely healed from being struck by the shuttle. The factory’s working conditions are taking their toll on everyone; Amelia goes home, and Betsy, who has been suffering from a horrible cough, becomes quite ill and must be admitted to the hospital.

What makes Lyddie so concerned about Rachel?

Rachel starts working as a doffer at the mill. Rachel has a terrible cough, and when Lyddie wakes up from it, she fears she’ll lose Rachel.

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What occurred in Chapter 16 of Lyddie’s story?

Lyddie 16th Chapter Lyddie needed to go to the bank to withdraw money to give to Mrs. Bedlow for taking care of Rachel and to purchase items for Rachel. Taking so much money from her savings upset Lyddie almost physically, but she knew it was for Rachel and it was worth it.

What was Lyddie’s contribution to Rachel’s well-being?

Lyddie spends more than two weeks’ pay on Rachel’s new clothing and books. Marsden has Lyddie remain after work one night and wraps his arms around her. She kicks him in the face and flees. She feels ill and has a high temperature for many days.

What occurs in Chapter 18 of Lyddie?

Chapter 18: Lyddie Lyddie walked downstairs and spotted Charlie standing in the living room. Charlie informs Lyddie with some wonderful news. He informs her that the Phinneys, with whom he was staying to work, had hired him as a full-time employee and treated him as if he were their own son.

What is Lyddie’s plan for Rachel’s stay?

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Mrs. Bedlow grudgingly agrees to Lyddie’s request to allow Rachel remain for two weeks, no longer, until Lyddie can arrange for her sister to reside someplace else. Of course, Lyddie will have to pay for Rachel’s assistance.

Uncle Judah brings Rachel to Lyddie for a reason.

Uncle Judah brought Rachel to Lyddie because he wanted to take care of Lyddie’s younger sister. He maintained that it was his obligation to look for Mrs. Uncle Judah and Aunt Clarissa agreed to put Mrs. Worthen to a mental institute in Brattleboro as a consequence of their united decision.

Mrs. Bedlow was startled that Lyddie had been sacked.

Lyddie must have done something terribly bad, she believes, for she was dismissed. Mrs. Bedlow’s response is due to her familiarity with Lyddie. Lyddie has faced several challenges throughout her life in order to attain her job ambitions, according to her. Lyddie, according to Mrs. Bedlow, is perhaps the company’s finest employee.

What does Lyddie think of Luke’s letter?

Charlie hands Lyddie a note from Luke Stevens before he departs. Luke announces that his father has purchased the land and proposes to her. The idea offends her because she believes Luke is implying that he can purchase her and the property together. She rips the letter to shreds and sobs uncontrollably.

What is Lyddie’s remuneration?

Lyddie is paid per piece once a week, but until she is released and given full wages, the majority of her salary goes to her board. After losing her job at the bar, Lyddie works at the mill. She is never individually compensated for her work at the bar. They are allegedly sent straight to her mother.

Lyddie isn’t free in any way.

Lyddie is not a slave, but she has the impression that she is. Lyddie feels enslaved since she doesn’t have a choice in the issue. Lyddie considers working at Cutler’s Tavern to be slavery since her mother forced her to leave the farm to pay off the family’s obligations.

In Lyddie, who is the most pious character?

Because he needs hope, one may argue that Ezekiel Abernathy, the escaped slave, is the most religious figure in the novel.

What was Lyddie’s life-changing decision?

Lyddie would tape a page of the book to her loom each day and read and speak the words to herself while she worked. Lyddie made a huge choice in the middle of July. She made the decision to get her own copy of Oliver Twist. Lyddie shouted Diana’s name because she was certain it was her.

What is the storyline of Lyddie’s Chapter 19?

Lyddie feels loneliness in her heart as if it were a bodily agony. As time passes, she realizes that she no longer has a reason to live. Lyddie has nothing except her career now that she has lost her family. Lyddie proclaims that she is now ready to sign the petition, only to be informed that she has missed the deadline.

The “lyddie chapter 16 vocabulary” is when Lyddie got sick. It was in Chapter 16 of the book called, “Lyddie.”