There are many different possible meanings for this phrase, all of which can be interpreted in various ways. It could mean I don’t know, or it could mean I don’t care. However, there’s a lot more to the meaning than just what is said out loud

When a guy says “idk if i like you”, it usually means that he’s not sure of his feelings for you and is trying to figure out how he feels.

What does it mean when a boy says IDK? |

After that, don’t bring it up again. “I don’t know” usually signifies “no,” but not always. It might also signify “I’m not sure,” as in “Why didn’t you react to me right away?” “I’m not sure – I must have been preoccupied with something else.” Please don’t take it personally if I go offline or don’t react right away.”

What does it indicate when a man says, “I’m not sure maybe,” in this context?

He’s a terrible communicator who wants to go out with you but doesn’t know how to express himself. You’re his ‘backup’ because he’s found someone else to go out with or anything else to do.

Similarly, why do individuals say I’m not sure? We’re afraid of making decisions, which is why we keep saying “I don’t know.” It’s challenging to make choices. It’s difficult to choose between two courses, and it’s much more difficult to trust the one you select — particularly after delaying your decision for as long as possible. “I’m not sure” is a safe bet.

What does it imply when your crush says he doesn’t know whether he likes you in this context?

Whether he tells you he doesn’t sure if he likes you and you remain to attempt to find it out, it’s an indication to him that you’re serious about being with him. It’s irritating, because when males adore someone, they do just as many strange things as ladies do.

What does it imply when a man says he has no idea what he wants?

When someone says, “I don’t know what I want,” they are implying that they are unsure about their current connection. As a result, people are unsure whether they want to remain in this relationship for whatever reason.

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Does “I’m not sure” imply “no”?

Idk is one of those terms that individuals who aren’t very tech-savvy may struggle to understand. The phrase I don’t know is abbreviated as Idk. In casual communication, such as text messaging, Idk is most usually used.

What does it indicate when a female says, “I’m not sure maybe,” for example?

When ladies aren’t interested but don’t want to appear impolite, they utilize the following synonyms: “Perhaps” “I’m not sure” “Yes, someday”

If a man isn’t interested in you, will he kiss you?

When they’re not interested in someone, a lot of males will initiate kisses. I’d even go so far as to say that most males initiate kisses before they realize they want to be in a relationship. You didn’t pull back as he went in for the kiss, thus the kiss happened.

How can you tell if he’s no longer interested?

The Most Telltale Signs That A Guy Isn’t Interested In You

  1. He No Longer Texts Or Calls You.
  2. He Stops Trying To Hang Out With You One-On-One.
  3. He’s stopped flirting with you.
  4. He flakes on you a lot more than you think.
  5. In Front Of You, He Flirts With Other Women.
  6. Around you, His facial expressions shift.

How can you tell if he isn’t interested in you?

The Top 10 Signs He Isn’t Interested in You

  • He never initiates contact with you by calling, texting, or messaging you first.
  • He Flirts With Almost Everyone.
  • He isn’t envious in the least.
  • He is never interested in spending time with you.
  • He discusses other women in his life with you.
  • He never pays attention to you.
  • You’ve never met any of his associates.
  • He’s never met any of your acquaintances.

What are the signs that a man is interested in you?


  • Look him in the eyes. If he returns your gaze and establishes eye contact, there’s a strong likelihood he’s intrigued.
  • Look to see whether he’s leaning in your direction. People subconsciously desire to be around someone they’re interested in.
  • Examine his body language to see whether it matches yours.
  • If he touches you, pay attention.

What are the signs that a man doesn’t want to text you?

Cheat Sheet: Signs He Isn’t At All Interested

  1. He doesn’t start messages, but if you send one, he may respond.
  2. His responses are frequently generic and shallow, and they don’t elicit more discussion.
  3. Doesn’t seem to care about your life.

What’s the best way to ask a man if he’s interested in you?

How to Find Out if a Guy Likes You

  1. Be subtle and stealthy, or straightforward and honest. AntonioGuillem/iStock/GettyImages.
  2. Examine his actions quietly. Look for signals before putting yourself out there on a lone limb.
  3. Ask Without Using Words
  4. See what he has to say about relationships.
  5. Create a mood.
  6. Make a suggestion.
  7. Make a direct statement.

What are the signs that someone isn’t interested in you?

  1. You have a gut feeling about it. Something doesn’t feel quite right.
  2. He just isn’t as interested in what you have to say as you are.
  3. He does not take the initiative.
  4. He doesn’t put you first.
  5. You’re the only one who is willing to put in any effort.
  6. He’s not spending as much time with you as he used to.
  7. He shortens your time together.
  8. His facial expressions shift.

If a man likes you, how frequently should he text you?

Some men are more chatty than others. Even yet, a few daily text messages are indication that he likes you. Unless you start up a discussion, you should check your messages three to five times every day.

What are the signs that someone has a hidden crush on you?

He Has A Secret Crush On You: 22 Signs

  1. When he’s with you, he’s constantly smiling.
  2. Around you, he is exceedingly clumsy.
  3. He ‘accidentally’ brushes up to you.
  4. He is a complete moron.
  5. He offers to purchase a drink for you.
  6. He’ll always be there for you.
  7. He is attempting to impress you.
  8. He is the one who always texts first.

What more can I say than I Love You?

100+ Ways to Say “I Love You!” in Different Ways

  • I feel love and motivation every time I look at you.
  • I just wouldn’t be the same without you.
  • I cooked tacos for you.
  • I am always available to you.
  • You are my prized possession, the most valuable thing in my life.
  • You’re my child.
  • I’m completely yours.
  • You are the missing piece in my puzzle.

Why does my kid consistently answer, “I don’t know,” when asked a question?

When a youngster says “I don’t know,” it’s usually because he or she is bashful, ashamed to speak, or uncertain of the answer. And occasionally a youngster may say “I don’t know” because he or she is irritated or indifferent and doesn’t want to participate.

What should you say when he has no idea what he wants?

Option 1: Go on, tell me more…

Give him room to communicate his emotions if you have a true connection with him. When he claims he doesn’t know what he wants, he’s probably being absolutely honest! There are things going on in his life that make things difficult for him at times.

How do you accept the fact that someone doesn’t want you?

5 Life-Saving Techniques for Letting Go of Someone Who Doesn’t Love You and Being Happy

  1. #1 – Consider how committed you are to completing this task.
  2. #2 – Make three lists that you can refer to often.
  3. #3 – Ignore him.
  4. #4 – Have faith in your ability to discover new love.
  5. #5 – Get out there again!

When someone doesn’t want you, how do you go on?

  1. Accept the fact that he isn’t interested in you. We understand.
  2. Consider your requirements. After it’s finished, you could find that it meant a lot more to you than you anticipated.
  3. In the meanwhile, work on loving yourself. It’ll be painful, and it could take a long time.
  4. Remove all hope or thoughts of a second chance.
  5. Rekindle your romance.

How can you get a man to listen to you?

Make use of your nonverbal communication.

  1. Stand tall and straight. Make sure you’re not slouching.
  2. Give a solid handshake; a weak or sloppy one may give the impression that you are unsure of yourself.
  3. Keep your limbs wide and take up more space to demonstrate power. Fidgeting, which may make you look tense or uncomfortable, should be avoided.

“When a man says i don’t know” is when a male would say that he doesn’t know the answer to a question. “IDK” is short for “I Don’t Know.” Reference: when a man says i don’t know.