The L-M-T is an acronym for “Let Me Take The Next To You.” It’s a cute term that has earned its way into popular culture as the newest love language. In other words, it means how you express your feelings to someone in order to get them back on board and feeling loved by you again.

LMT is short for “last male to ejaculate” which means the last person who has had sex with a woman. It also refers to the amount of time that must elapse before a woman can become pregnant again.

What does LMT mean? |

The Definition of LMT

“Allow Me to Consider” is the acronym for “Allow Me to Consider.” Don’t thank us now that you know what LMT stands for: “Allow Me to Consider.” YW! What exactly does LMT stand for? LMT is an acronym, abbreviation, or slang term that is defined above in the LMT meaning.

What does LMT stand for after a name?

Massage Therapist with a License

Also, what is LTM stand for? The last twelve months

Second, on Tinder, what does LMT stand for?


Rank abbreviation Meaning
LMT Tenderly Love Me (Elvis Presley song)
LMT Allow Me to Consider
LMT Miss Thing, Little Miss
LMT Let’s get together tonight.

What exactly is IMT stand for?

Technology for data management

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What does KMT imply in the context of massage?

traditional massage treatment (KMT)

How do you figure out GMT?

Examine the global map once again. Your GMT will be ahead of, or behind, the time at the Prime Meridian if you are west of it. If you’re in the east, your time zone is ahead of, or ahead of, GMT. Put a minus or plus sign in front of the number you discovered in the previous step, and you’ve got your GMT.

What does HH stand for in terms of sexuality?

A “half and half” sexual experience is one in which half of the encounter is spent having vaginal intercourse and the other half is spent having oral sex, usually with a prostitute.

In terms of sexuality, what does BBC stand for?

What does the acronym bbc indicate when it refers to a partner because it refers to stand-up shows, online dating females, or homosexual slang? The abbreviation bbc drama department will always be incompatible. I’m looking for a list of homosexual ex-lovers that are also curvaceous.

In terms of sexuality, what does DD stand for?

unquestionably doink

In gaming, what is LTM?

LTM stands for Limited Time Mode, and it’s a method for Epic to experiment with the game engine in new ways. Features that were experimented with in the LTMs found their way into the game.

What exactly is LMT?

Local Mean Time (LMT) is a sort of solar time that uses the Sun’s travels across the sky to keep track of time. It is based on the duration of a solar day on average. The speed of a hypothetical, average Sun is used to calculate Mean Solar Time and LMT.

What does Snapchat’s LTM stand for?

I’m giggling to myself

How do you go about doing LTM?

LTM revenue = Most recent quarter data + most recent yearly figures – statistics from the previous quarter a year ago. Alternatively, if you have access to complete monthly data, you may just gather the last twelve months’ worth of data.

In Fortnite, what does LTM stand for?

The term “LTM” stands for “Limited-Time Mode,” which refers to a mode that is only active for a limited time. With the LTM name, we’ve seen modes like 50v50, Sniper Shootout, and even the Infinity Gauntlet come and go.

In texting, what does TLM stand for?

Everything in the World (French) TLM. TLM (The Little Mermaid) TLM (Tiny Little Man) TLM (The Little Mermaid) TLM (The Little Mermaid) TLM (The Little Mermai

What is LTM EPS, and how does it work?

The earnings yield is the ratio of a company’s stock price to its last twelve months (LTM) earnings per share (EPS). The price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is the inverse of this ratio.

The “what does lmt mean in time” is a time-keeping tool that has been used for centuries. It is also known as the “lunar month”. The word “LMT” stands for “local mean time.”