In Romeo and Juliet, the Montague family is often seen as Edgar’s archenemy. But who said Uncle This is a Montague our foe? It turns out that in this famous play by William Shakespeare, “Uncle” actually means uncle-in -law. In other words, their mothers are sisters!

“Uncle, this is a montague, our foe meaning” is a quote from one of Shakespeare’s plays. It means that the person who said it was not an uncle but rather their adversary.

Who said Uncle This is a Montague our foe? |

TYBALT. Uncle, he is a Montague, our adversary; a scoundrel who has come to mock our seriousness this night.

In this case, the person who uttered it with his voice must be a Montague.

Now, by the stock and honor of my clan, I do not consider it a sin to kill him. I can tell this guy is a Montague by his voice. Get me my sword, kid,’ he says to his PAGE.

As a result, who does Lord Capulet consider to be a well-governed youth? Lord Capulet, unlike Tybalt, believes Romeo has noble intentions. “And, to tell the truth, Verona boasts of him/As a virtuous and well-govern’d youth:/I would not, for the riches of the town/Here in my home, degrade him:/ Therefore be patient, take no notice of him,” Capulet replies.

Also, who says you’re satisfied, gentle Coz?

64 That wicked Romeo is him. 65 Allow him to be alone, kind coz; 66.

Who says, “Save me a piece of Marchpane”? ?

Things are horrible when just one or two guys have all the decent manners, and even they are filthy. 5 Remove the joint-stools, the court-cupboard, and turn your attention to the plate. Save a piece of marchpane for me, and, since you love me, have the porter allow Susan Grindstone and Nell in. —Antony and Potpan, respectively!

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Who’s to say that striking him dead isn’t a sin?

When Tybalt says, “Now, by the stock and honor of my blood, / To strike him dead I hold it not a sin,” he suggests that he wouldn’t consider murdering Romeo a crime since it would be a deed done to honor the Capulet family.

Who claimed you were a sassy young man?

Capulet. Go there, go to; you’re a sassy lad, aren’t you? My hearts, you’ve expressed it perfectly!

Who said I couldn’t offer you more?

Montague: But I will offer thee more, for I will erect her monument in pure gold, so that while Verona is known by that name, no figure of genuine and devoted Juliet will be put at such a charge. Capulet: Poor sacrifices of our animosity, Romeo shall lay as wealthy beside his lady.

Did my heart love forsake it sight till now?

When you forswear, you are entirely giving up on something. Rosaline is Romeo’s first love in Romeo and Juliet, but once he sees Juliet, Rosaline is a thing of the past. “Did my heart love till now?” he asks of Juliet. Forsake it, sight, for I have never seen pure beauty till this night.”

What does it mean to have an antic face?

In reality, the term antic literally means “crazy” or “bizarre,” but it was often employed in Shakespeare’s day to refer to a madcap in a play of some kind (source). In Romeo and Juliet, when Tybalt states Romeo arrived to the feast “covered with an antic visage,” Shakespeare uses the term antic to refer to a mask (1.5. 54).

What is Capulet’s opinion on Romeo?

Romeo, according to Capulet, is a decent young man. And, to tell the truth, Verona boasts about him as a pious and well-behaved young man. Romeo is seen by Lord Capulet as a gentleman, someone who is moral and respectable. Romeo is the son and heir of Montague and Lady Montague in Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet.

Isn’t it a pity, Uncle?

There will be an upheaval! You’ll be the rabble-rouser, therefore it’ll be your fault! Why, uncle, isn’t it a pity? But, uncle, we’re being treated with contempt.

Who’s to say my tomb isn’t similar to my wedding bed?

135It’s as if my tomb were my wedding bed. Go ahead and inquire. (the nurse walks away) If he’s married, I’d sooner die than marry anyone else.

O calm despicable disgusting surrender, who said that?


O darling account, is she a Capulet?

Romeo compares his meeting and falling in love with Juliet to a ledger, or a record of obligations and payments, which Shakespeare uses as a metaphor. Romeo has just recently discovered Juliet’s identity, as my colleague said. She is a Capulet, the sworn adversary of his family. As a result, when he exclaims, “Oh dear account!” he means it.

In Romeo and Juliet, what does solemnity imply?

solemnity. a stately solemnity attribute What does the slave dare to do? Come here, with your antic visage on, to mock and leave our solemnity?

Was there ever a book that had such heinous content?

– Romeo and Juliet are two characters from Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. Was there ever a book with such heinous content that was so well-bound? That deception should live in such a lovely castle!

Juliet’s age is unknown.


What are Lord Capulet’s two reasons for stopping him?

English 10H Romeo and Juliet

Question Answer
Tybalt knows Romeo’s voice and attempts to initiate a brawl. What are Lord Capulet’s two reasons for stopping him (lines 65-69)? 11 Romeo is well-liked and well-behaved around town, and he has now become a houseguest11

Lord Capulet gives two grounds for Tybalt’s detention.

Lord Capulet presents two reasons for restraining Tybalt from assaulting Romeo in Act I Scene 5 of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. To begin, he adds, “Be content, gentle coz, and let him alone.” To be a moral and well-behaved adolescent.

That is the one who stabs Mercutio?


What is the definition of polite devotion?

Good traveler, you abuse your hand much too much, as seen by your courteous devotion, because saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands contact, and holy palmers kiss palm to palm.

fetch me my rapier, boy meaning” is a quote from William Shakespeare’s play “Richard III.” The quote is said by the character Uncle This.