Verona is a city in Italy, known for its many theatres and architectural wonders. From the time it was founded to the present day, Verona has been fertile with great events that shape our modern world. One of these influential figures who made much impact on history is none other than William Shakespeare, but how does he compare to others of his age?

“to fleer and scorn at our solemnity meaning” is a quote from William Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Verona”. The quote is referring to the character Lucio.

Who said Verona brags of him? |

“And, to tell the truth, Verona boasts of him/As a virtuous and well-govern’d youth:/I would not, for the riches of the town/Here in my home, degrade him:/ Therefore be patient, take no notice of him,” Capulet replies.

Who, from the sound of his voice, declared this must be a Montague?

Now, by the stock and honor of my clan, I do not consider it a sin to kill him. I can tell this guy is a Montague by his voice. Get me my sword, kid,’ he says to his PAGE.

Who said you can’t make a mistake with your hand if you’re a good pilgrim? Shakespeare, William

Then there’s the matter of who stated he’d be put up with. Is it true that I’m the boss here, or that you’re the boss?

For example, when Romeo comes up unannounced to the Capulets’ party and Tybalt tries to kick him out. Lord Capulet disagrees, adding, “He must be tolerated… I believe he will… “Do I have the upper hand here, or do you?” Tybalt fights for a while, but eventually gives up and allows Capulet have his way.

As he agrees to depart, what threat does Tybalt make?

His danger is that, although he seems kind now by halting the battle, he is capable of being extremely cruel, and he may harm Romeo, therefore Romeo should be cautious! When Romeo and Juliet converse for the first time, they do it in the form of a sonnet.

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Who’s to say that striking him dead isn’t a sin?

When Tybalt says, “Now, by the stock and honor of my blood, / To strike him dead I hold it not a sin,” he suggests that he wouldn’t consider murdering Romeo a crime since it would be a deed done to honor the Capulet family.

What is Capulet’s opinion on Romeo?

Romeo, according to Capulet, is a decent young man. And, to tell the truth, Verona boasts about him as a pious and well-behaved young man. Romeo is seen by Lord Capulet as a gentleman, someone who is moral and respectable. Romeo is the son and heir of Montague and Lady Montague in Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet.

Did my heart love forsake it sight till now?

When you forswear, you are entirely giving up on something. Rosaline is Romeo’s first love in Romeo and Juliet, but once he sees Juliet, Rosaline is a thing of the past. “Did my heart love till now?” he asks of Juliet. Forsake it, sight, for I have never seen pure beauty till this night.”

Isn’t it a pity, Uncle?

There will be an upheaval! You’ll be the rabble-rouser, therefore it’ll be your fault! Why, uncle, isn’t it a pity? But, uncle, we’re being treated with contempt.

Who said I couldn’t offer you more?

Montague: But I will offer thee more, for I will erect her monument in pure gold, so that while Verona is known by that name, no figure of genuine and devoted Juliet will be put at such a charge. Capulet: Poor sacrifices of our animosity, Romeo shall lay as wealthy beside his lady.

What does it mean to have an antic face?

In reality, the term antic literally means “crazy” or “bizarre,” but it was often employed in Shakespeare’s day to refer to a madcap in a play of some kind (source). In Romeo and Juliet, when Tybalt states Romeo arrived to the feast “covered with an antic visage,” Shakespeare uses the term antic to refer to a mask (1.5. 54).

In Romeo and Juliet, what does solemnity imply?

solemnity. a stately solemnity attribute What does the slave dare to do? Come here, with your antic visage on, to mock and leave our solemnity?

In Romeo and Juliet, what does semblance mean?

Semblance. An external or symbolic appearance. “An ill-beseeming appearance for a feast,” says Capulet in 1:5:76. Wax. To steadily grow in size, quantity, or intensity.

Is it true that you bite your thumb at us, sir?

Sampson: No, sir, I’m not biting my thumb at you; I’m biting my thumb.

Juliet’s age is unknown.


Who is the one who shouts out, “He murdered my mother!”

Young treasonous fry! What exactly is it, you runt? (stabbing him) Traitorous traitorous traitorous traitorous traitorous traitorous traitorous traitorous traitorous 80 Mother, he has assassinated me. “Murder!” screams LADY MACDUFF as she departs. The MURDERERS pursue her out the door.

Which of these enlarges the knight’s hand?

In act 1, scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, what does Romeo mean when he says to one of the servingman, “What lady’s that Which of these enlarges the knight’s hand?”

What does it mean to be a good pilgrim?

105 Good traveler, you abuse your hand much too much, as seen by your courteous devotion, because saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands contact, and holy palmers kiss palm to palm. JULIET. You are unjust to your hand, good pilgrim.

What exactly does Holy Palmer’s kiss imply?

“For saints have hands that travelers’ hands touch, And palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss,” Juliet tells Romeo, indicating that she is not a saint and that her hands contact those of pilgrims like him.

What does “good pilgrim you do too much wrong with your hand” mean?

MEANING: Romeo expresses his desire to kiss Juliet on the lips, but he believes he is unworthy. “Good pilgrim, you abuse your hand much too much, as your courteous devotion demonstrates; because saints have hands that pilgrims may touch, and holy palmers kiss palm to palm” (1.5.105)

Before they kiss, what metaphor do Romeo and Juliet use?

To characterize their kissing, Shakespeare employs the metaphor of “sin” (lines 106-108) As Romeo asserts, his misdeeds are “purged” (line 106), or washed, by Juliet’s kisses, this metaphor portrays their connection as lighthearted. Juliet says that if her lips had “purged” Romeo’s, then she now carries his guilt on her lips.

Who’s to say if I blaspheme with my most unworthy hand?

“Romeo: If I blaspheme with my least deserving hand. The delicate beauty of this sacred sanctuary is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, are ready to stand.

Verona is a city in Italy, the capital of the Veneto region. It is located on the west bank of the River Adige. Reference: to strike him dead i hold it not a sin meaning.