Marco Venier, an Italian diplomat and Renaissance man was born in 1511. He served as the ambassador of King Francis I to Holy Roman Emperor Charles V from 1535 until his death in 1556.
Venier’s success is attributed to his diplomatic abilities which included negotiating with multiple parties effectively and not being afraid of conflict..

Marco Venier was a real person in the year 1480. He was born in Venice, Italy and died at the age of 60. Marco Venier is most famous for being the captain of the fleet that defeated the Ottoman Turks at sea during the Battle of Lepanto.

Who was Marco Venier? |

The Marquess of Cerigo was Venier, Marco. He was Venetian, and the Fourth Crusade earned him the title of Marquis.

Is Dangerous Beauty based on a real story?

It’s based on the actual tale of Franco, Veronica, a well-bred Venetian beauty who chose the life of a prostitute over poverty or an arranged marriage to a decrepit lord because it felt like a better option.

When did Franco, Veronica pass away? 22nd of July, 1591

Was Franco, Veronica a real person, too?

Franco, Veronica (1546-1591), a Venetian courtesan poet, was born in Venice to Paola Fracassa, a procuress, and Francesco Franco, a merchant.

Is it true that Franco, Veronica has children?

According to existing documents, Franco had been temporarily married and had given birth to her first child before the age of 18; she would ultimately have six children, three of whom died in infancy.

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Franco, Veronica, what happened to her?

Venier died two years later, and Veronica was forced to relocate to a low-income neighborhood populated largely by prostitutes. She died in relative poverty and near obscurity in 1591, at the age of 45, having outlived the prime of her vocation.

What exactly is a courtesan?

In contemporary use, the term “courtesan” refers to an escort, mistress, or prostitute who uses the art of polite manners to lure affluent, powerful, or important customers. The phrase originally referred to a courtier, a person who serves in a monarch’s or other powerful person’s court.

What is the foundation of dangerous beauty?

The film is based on Margaret Rosenthal’s nonfiction book The Honest Prostitute, about Franco, Veronica, a courtesan in sixteenth-century Venice who becomes a hero to her city but subsequently becomes the focus of a Church inquisition for witchcraft.

What exactly is dangerous beauty?

Veronica (McCormack, Catherine) is clever, talented, and attractive, but the gorgeous nobleman she loves, Venier, Marco (Rufus Sewell is a British actor.), is unable to marry her since she is impoverished and comes from a shady family. As a result, Veronica’s mother, Paola (Jacqueline Bisset), instructs her on how to become a courtesan, one of the exotic companions sought by the wealthiest and most powerful Venetian men. Veronica bravely uses her charms to alter fate and offer herself a shot at true love.

In India, what is a courtesan?

During the Mughal Empire, a tawaif was a highly skilled courtesan who catered to the Indian subcontinent’s elite. The tawaifs excelled in and contributed to music, dance (mujra), drama, and the Urdu literary legacy, as well as being regarded as etiquette authorities.

In Japan, what is a courtesan?

In Japan, courtesans were known as Oiran (??). The oiran were thought to be a sort of yjo (? ), or “woman of pleasure” or prostitute. They differed from regular yjo, however, in that they were performers, and many of them became superstars outside of the pleasure zones.

In Venice, what is a courtesan?

Venetian courtesans were fashion trailblazers who experimented with the visible barriers that divided women into groups. They modified the visual demarcations that split women into groups based on their marital status and life cycle stage: maiden, married woman, or widow.

What is the definition of a courtesan relationship?

courtesan. From the Renaissance onwards, European monarchs and noblemen often retained a courtesan, or a lady with whom they were in a relationship but not married.

Franco, Veronica is a feminist, right?

The most renowned courtesan of Renaissance Venice, Franco, Veronica (1546-1591), was a poet, proto-feminist, and philanthropist. This proto-feminism led to the founding of Casa del Soccorso, a benevolent organization that offered young Venetian women with a safe haven from the perils of prostitution.

What city did Franco, Veronica call home?

Franco, Veronica grew up in a family of native-born citizens with hereditary privileges in Venice. The cittadini originari were a professional caste that made up the Venetian government bureaucracy and religious confraternities.

That was the actress who portrayed Franco, Veronica?

a cast (in credits order)

McCormack, Catherine   Franco, Veronica
Rufus Sewell is a British actor.   Venier, Marco
Platt, Oliver   Venier, Maffio
Fred Ward   Venier, Domenico
Naomi Watts is a well-known actress.   De Lezze, Giulia

Which King Henry is the most beautiful in a hazardous way?

IMDb – Jake Weber as King Henry in Dangerous Beauty (1998).