In addition to making traditional eggnog, Kirkland’s offers a variety of liqueurs including Kahlua and Baileys Irish Cream. These liquors feature flavors other than the classic vanilla-based recipe that becomes more popular in December each year.

Kirkland eggnog is a type of alcoholic beverage that is made from eggs, sugar, cream, and brandy. The ingredients for Kirkland eggnog are simple but delicious.

How do you serve Kirkland eggnog liqueur? |

“Real dairy cream, whiskey, spiced rum, brandy, and French vanilla” are used in this drinkable Christmas classic. It’s completely spiked and ready to drink, with a 14.75 percent ABV. Let the holidays begin by chilling it or serving it over ice.

So, how do you serve eggnog from Costco? ?

Serve the eggnog from Costco over ice and toast with family and friends, or enjoy it while cuddled up next to the fireplace. You can even add a pinch of fresh nutmeg on top to make it extra special. (By the way, this is the grating tool we use.)

In addition, how much alcohol is in Costco eggnog? The eggnog drink at Costco comes in a 1.5-liter glass container, which is little more than 1.5 quarts. It has creamy, thick eggnog with a hearty dosage of wine, according to a Taste of Home report. It contains a 13.9 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

People often wonder whether Costco eggnog is any good.

We’re not sure why Costco chose wine over more typical rum, brandy, or whiskey to create eggnog, but we’re not complaining. With a 13.9 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), this eggnog drink still delivers a punch. This drink is the epitome of the Christmas season, and it’s a deal at $8.99.

What is the shelf life of Kirkland eggnog?

If refrigerated, store-bought eggnog will last 5-7 days after opening. Eggnog in a can lasts for 4 to 5 months and 5-7 days after opening.

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What are the carbohydrates in Kirkland eggnog?

Nutritional Information

160 calories (669 kJ)
Sodium 40 mg 2%
Carbohydrates Total 12 g 4%
Fiber in the Diet 1 g 4%
Sugars 9 g  

What are the calories in rum and eggnog?

Spiced rum, rum and brandy, or whiskey, all of which have roughly 100 calories per shot, may be used as the alcohol component. The calorie count: A small glass of eggnog has between 340 and 440 calories, depending on the amount of alcohol in it. By substituting light eggnog for regular eggnog, you’ll save roughly 60 calories per serving.

Who has the finest eggnog recipe?

We sampled four different types of eggnog to find which one we preferred. Farmland Fresh Dairies, Hood, 365 Everyday Value, and Trader Joes were among the brands we tried. Because of its creaminess, smoothness, and sweetness, Farmland Fresh Dairies was our favorite.

What is the calorie count of spiked eggnog?

These figures may be significantly higher with handmade eggnog. Keating estimates that a 12-cup portion of classic eggnog boosted with bourbon or rum includes 265 calories, 17 grams of fat, and 18 grams of sugars.

What is the flavor of eggnog?

In reality, a glass of eggnog tastes like melting ice cream in a glass that’s strangely gripping your throat as you sip it, far from morning eggs or a warm supper meal. There is no substitute for eggnog; it is really unique.

How do you take your eggnog?

In a cup, combine 1 cup eggnog with 1/2 tablespoon excellent rum and stir thoroughly. Garnish with whipped cream and a pinch of freshly ground cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s great cold or hot!

What is the composition of eggnog?

Traditional eggnog is prepared using milk or cream, sugar, raw eggs, one or more alcoholic spirits, and spices such as vanilla or nutmeg, as well as cloves in certain variations. Some recipes ask for separating the eggs so that the egg whites may be beaten until thick, giving the drink a foamy texture.

Is liquor sold at Costco?

Almost every spirit, including American and French vodka, Scotch, whiskey, bourbon, rum tequila, and gin, is now available under Costco’s trademark in-house label.

How do you make eggnog with a kick?

While brandy is the most traditional ingredient in eggnog, the experts at Bottles suggest a blend of dark rum and Cognac for traditional recipes. You may add bourbon if you want your eggnog to be a bit more alcoholic, but Bottles suggests sticking to rum and Cognac to maintain the eggnog’s characteristics.

How do you create allrecipes eggnog?


  1. In a saucepan, combine the milk, cloves, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla, and cinnamon, and heat on the lowest setting for 5 minutes. Bring the milk mixture to a boil slowly.
  2. Combine egg yolks and sugar in a large mixing dish. Whisk everything together until it’s frothy.
  3. Combine the rum, cream, 2 teaspoon vanilla, and nutmeg in a mixing bowl.

What is the alcohol by volume (ABV) in eggnog?

Eggnog may have a high alcohol by volume (ABV) of up to 20%. As a preservative, the alcohol is used.

Why isn’t eggnog available all year?

Eggnog does not have to be seasonal, despite its association with the holidays. Off-season, dairy plants could make small batches of eggnog for die-hard nogheads, but they don’t because it’s too expensive. The colder winter gets, the more eggnog customers purchase, according to manufacturers.

Can you store Coquito in the fridge for a long time?

4-6 months