It’s important to communicate the meaning of a proposal before your daughter has an opportunity. Offer up some ideas and tips on how to answer this question ahead of time so you’re prepared for any situation.

When someone asks for your daughter’s hand in marriage, what do you say? The answer to this question is a bit of a tricky one. There are many things that you can say, but the most important thing is to be honest.

What do you say when someone asks for your daughter's hand in marriage? |

Begin by stating a few words about how much you adore their daughter. Then explain why you believe now is the right moment to take your relationship to the next level, and ask for their approval. For instance, you may remark, “As you know, I adore your daughter.”

Then there’s the question of what you reply when they ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage.

Begin by stating a few words about how much you adore their daughter. Then explain why you believe now is the right moment to take your relationship to the next level, and ask for their approval. For instance, you may remark, “As you know, I adore your daughter.”

In the same way, how do you ask for permission to marry your daughter? Here’s how you broach the subject of marriage with your girlfriend’s father:

  1. Make certain you and your girlfriend are on the same page when it comes to marriage.
  2. If possible, meet the parents beforehand.
  3. Have a one-on-one discussion with her father.
  4. Inform him of your desire to marry his daughter.
  5. Request his permission to propose to him.
  6. It’s now time to PROPOSE!

When you ask a parent for his daughter’s hand in marriage, what do you say?

Make a promise to him that you would always respect, honor, and appreciate his daughter. 7. Ask for his blessing in a respectful manner. Now all you have to do is ask for his approval and support in asking his daughter for her hand in marriage.

When you meet your daughter’s boyfriend, what do you say?

These are the ten questions you must ask your daughter’s boyfriend.

  • 1) “Can you tell me why you want to date my daughter?”
  • 2) “What are your favorite pastimes?”
  • “Are you a religious person?” 3)
  • 4) “Can you tell me what you do for a living?”
  • 5) “In five years, where do you see yourself?”
  • 6) “How do your parents treat you?”
  • 7) “Can you tell me about the craziest thing you’ve ever done?”

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What evidence do you have that he wants to marry you?

11 Indications That He Wants to Marry You (Even You Are at the Early Stages)

  • He’s making plans for the future. Guys don’t bring up topics that they genuinely don’t want to discuss.
  • Every Occasion Is Open to You.
  • He is on time.
  • Touch is becoming more prevalent.
  • He is missing you.
  • He’s just interested in you.
  • He’d want to live with you.
  • He Begins to Open Up to You.

What exactly does it mean to ask someone for their hand in marriage?

the hand of someone (in marriage) Someone’s hand (in marriage)old-fashioned authorization for a man to marry a certain lady He asked for her hand in marriage, according to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.

Is it still customary for men to seek permission to marry?

The custom of a groom contacting his beloved’s parents and requesting permission to marry their daughter may seem archaic to some, yet it is nevertheless prevalent in American culture today. In reality, 70% of proposers seek parental approval before marrying their spouse.

How should I go about asking my parents for their blessing on my marriage?

Are you prepared to propose? 9 Ways to Ask Her Parents for Their Permission

  1. Make an effort to do it in person. Make this a face-to-face encounter if at all feasible.
  2. Make a reservation in advance.
  3. Maintain an optimistic attitude.
  4. Respect each other.
  5. Make a list of topics to discuss.
  6. Bring the ring with you!
  7. You should be aware of your future plans.
  8. Remind them of your affection for their daughter.

What is the best way to ask a lady to marry you?

How To Propose To A Woman And Make It Perfect (Tips And Tricks)

  1. Before you get married, talk to her about it. Don’t wait until you’re about to ask her to marry you to bring up the subject of marriage with her for the first time.
  2. Obtain her father’s permission.
  3. Choosing The Right Ring
  4. Prepare your speech by writing it out and practicing it.

What’s the best way to approach a girl’s father for permission?


  1. Make yourself a welcoming, cheerful presence. If at all possible, get to know her parents before approaching them for permission to date their daughter.
  2. Face-to-face communication with her parents is recommended.
  3. It seems to be in good condition.
  4. Please begin by introducing yourself.
  5. Allow them to take the lead in the discussion.
  6. Maintain a pleasant yet honest demeanor.
  7. Tell it like it is.

What should the length of a marriage proposal be?

While some people like to stay in a relationship for two or three years before considering marriage, according to a recent research by F. Hinds, the ideal duration is just ONE YEAR AND EIGHT MONTHS (and three days!)

When it comes to proposing, how long should you wait?

Only you can tell when you’re ready to go forward. However, Ian Kerner, PhD, LMFT, licensed psychotherapist, couple’s therapist, and author of She Comes First, says that dating for one to two years before getting engaged is a suitable starting point.

What should I inquire of my gf?

Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend About Your Relationship

  • Do you prefer that I arrange more dates for you, or do you prefer that I plan more dates for you?
  • What’s the one place you’ve always wanted to visit with me?
  • In a relationship, what is something you could never forgive?
  • What kind of class do you want to take together?
  • Which of my negative habits do you hope I’d give up?

Do you consult your father before purchasing a ring?

You don’t have to ask her father, but you should inform someone in her close family of your plans to marry her. In addition, when it comes to the proposal, your friends and family may be invaluable resources in assisting you in selecting the right ring and planning the ideal proposal.

I’m not sure how I’m going to ask my parents for her hand in marriage.

What is the best way to ask her father for her hand in marriage?


What is the best way to ask a lady to be your girlfriend?

The Heartfelt Approach (Method 2)

  1. Make friends with her. Before attempting to proceed to anything more, take the time to get to know her as a close friend.
  2. Inviting her to spend time with you in a non-pressured environment is a good idea.
  3. Consider giving her a tiny, low-cost present.
  4. Tell her how you really feel.
  5. Relax and accept her response.

I’m not sure how I’m going to propose to my girlfriend.

Part 1: How to Propose to Your Girlfriend in General

  1. The first step is to purchase the ring.
  2. Step 2: Get her parents’ approval.
  3. Step 3: Select a venue for the proposal.
  4. Step 4: Prepare your proposal speech.
  5. Step 5: Take your girlfriend to the meeting place.
  6. Step 6: Make a proposal!

What are your thoughts about your potential son-in-law?

Loyal and honest, bold and intellectual, full of integrity and real character. I’m hoping you’ll be kind with my daughter. I hope you be a wonderful parent, and that my daughter supports you in your endeavors. Because I trust my daughter will make sensible decisions, I believe you will be considerate and kind.

Do you have to ask your father for permission to marry your daughter?

You don’t want to acquire your girlfriend’s father’s approval to marry his daughter just to have his daughter reject your proposal. 2. Before approaching him, try to meet him. If feasible, meet your girlfriend’s parents a few times before deciding whether or not you want to marry her.

When should your daughter be allowed to have a boyfriend?

It’s critical to think of your kid as a unique person. Take into account their emotional development and feeling of accountability. Although 16 seems to be a good age for many children, it may be more appropriate for a mature 15-year-old to go on a date or for your immature 16-year-old to wait a year or two.

What should you do if you don’t like your daughter’s boyfriend?

Consider taking the following actions if your child is associated with someone you dislike:

  1. Let us know about your unique problems.
  2. Avoid getting into a fight.
  3. Relate your previous experiences.
  4. Learn all there is to know about your new spouse.
  5. Take use of a strong suit.
  6. Recognize that this individual fulfills a need for your kid.
  7. Accept the partner without reservation.