Intake holds are used in dentistry to keep the jaw open while a patient has a dental procedure. They usually come as pairs and may be made of metal or plastic. The term intake hold is also often associated with medical terminology, where it refers to the time an individual must remain conscious before anesthesia begins

The “what does level x mean in jail” is a question that has been asked many times on Quora. The answer to the question is, “What does intake hold charge mean?” Intake hold charge is a term used by jails to describe how long a prisoner will be held before they are released.

What does intake hold charge mean? |

noun having charge

a charge of a minor criminal offense leveled against someone in order for them to be detained by police while more severe charges are prepared or investigated.

What does a hold on a prisoner imply in this context?

That indicates he has a warrant out in another jurisdiction. It basically implies that once he finishes his present court case, someone else will be waiting for him. It will keep him from bonding out since you can’t go anyplace with a hold.

What does the term “hold for Agency” imply? It simply implies that they have been put on “hold” by another agency and will not be released. Usually as a result of a search warrant.

What does Municipal Hold GPD imply in this context?

It typically indicates that a person or their property has been put under a judicial hold by the local municipality.

What does it mean to get picked up on hold?

When a book is on hold, it signifies that a patron has requested it. If you get information that a hold has been put on a book you presently have out, it signifies that that title has been requested. You will be unable to renew your loan due to this hold.

Answers to Related Questions

How long can you stay in jail?

The police may detain you for up to 24 hours before deciding whether or not to charge you with a crime. If you’re accused of a major crime, such as murder, they may ask to detain you for up to 36 or 96 hours. If you’re arrested under the Terrorism Act, you may be kept without charge for up to 14 days.

What is the meaning of an investigative hold?

A 24-hour hold is considered an investigative detention. It enables a police officer to conduct a thorough investigation and interrogation of a person. The parties must be arrested, booked, and allowed to post bail at the conclusion of the twenty-four-hour period.

How long may you be held in custody without a bond?

Most states are prohibited from detaining individuals for more than 48 to 72 hours without filing charges.

In prison, what does the term “sleeper” mean?

In prison jargon, drama refers to a brawl or an attack. If the drama in the yard begins to thicken, prisoners are advised to remain in their unit (sleeping quarters) because violence will erupt between two separate automobiles. Many inmates are incarcerated for long periods of time.

In prison, what does OOC mean?

In Harris County, ooc often refers to a person who has an out-of-county case.

What does it mean to be on view in jail?

The term “on view” refers to an officer who detained you without a warrant after watching or “viewing” a criminal crime in his or her direct presence. The word “on view” merely signifies that the item is available for viewing.

What does it mean to have a USM hold?

fbopnomore first posted this. The US Marshal hold indicates that she is being kept in the county prison at the Marshals’ request, most likely for anything the BOP claims she did wrong while on home confinement (the programfailure).

What exactly does the term “municipal purpose” imply?

Municipal uses include the watering of streets, pathways, paths, boulevards, lawns, and gardens, fire prevention, and sewage flushing, as well as the construction of buildings and civic works, and other reasons often provided by water inside a city, town, or village.

What does it mean to be unsentenced?

Unsentenced is defined as: not sentenced, especially: not sentenced to a penalty or punishment.

What is an unspecified warrant, and how does it differ from a specific warrant?

A general warrant is one that gives a law enforcement official wide discretion or power to search and seize unspecified locations or people. A generic warrant lacks a specific description of the person or item to be seized or the location to be searched.

What does the term “hold for GPS” imply?

With a Neebia Hold, you must be able to demonstrate that the money used for the bond was not obtained from drug sales or any other unlawful activity. If he bonds out, he will very certainly be obliged to wear a GPS monitor due to the GPS hold.

What does it mean to “hold for other jurisdiction”?

It signifies the prison is holding a person for charges in another jurisdiction and is waiting for an officer to come to the jail and transfer them to the other jurisdiction.