GLT is short for Gallus League and it’s a program that distributes free food to children in need. It has over 1,000 volunteers who work around the clock throughout the year delivering food to more than 100 organizations across California. Find out how this group of dedicated people get their hands dirty while doing something good for humanity.

GLT stands for “glt meaning in chat” and is used to describe a person who is interested in the game of love. A person who uses this term is often looking for someone to share their interests with.

What does GLT stand for? |

Goal line technology is abbreviated as GLT (New Word Suggestion).

So, what does GTL stand for in slang?

Gym, tanning, and laundry

Also, what is Gkt stand for in texting? Test of General Knowledge

Taking all of this into account, what does GLT signify in New York?


Rank abbreviation Meaning
GLT Technology for Goal-Line Scoring (soccer)
GLT Little Twerp is a feckless little twerp.

In texting, what does GTK stand for?

It’s Beneficial to Know

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In Snapchat, what does GTF stand for?

Get The F

What does GLT stand for in full?


Acronym Definition
GLT Team of Global Leaders
GLT Logistical and transportation management (French)
GLT Gay & Lesbian Times
GLT Center for Global Technology (HSBC, Pune, India)

What is GTL’s remuneration?

If your paycheck says GTL (Group Term Life), it implies your employer has chosen this company-wide benefit, which pays your beneficiaries a part or the whole amount of your yearly income.

In prison, what does GTL mean?

The major phone service in prisons and jails, which jailed individuals use to contact their families, has just expanded. GTL (previously Global Tel*Link) has acquired Telmate, a rival.

In texting, what is DTL stand for?

So now you know what DTL stands for: “Does The Look” – but don’t thank us. YW! What exactly is DTL stand for? DTL is an acronym, abbreviation, or slang term that is defined above with its meaning.

What does GGG represent on Tinder?

1 year ago, I had 2 points. This was discovered for ggg. “Good, giving, and game” is abbreviated as GGG. The abbreviation stands for the idea that people who want to have successful sexual relationships should aim to be excellent in bed, eager to devote equal time and attention to their partner’s enjoyment, and open to everything (within reason).

What are GTL hours, exactly?

The acronym GTL stands for “group term life.” Principia has a life insurance coverage for two times your yearly pay. If you are a benefit-eligible hourly employee, multiply your hourly rate by the number of contracted hours you work each fiscal year to arrive at that sum.

What is the purpose of the GTL prisoner phone?

You may contact GTL at 800-483-8314 to set up for a prepaid calling account and resume receiving calls in this situation. Please remember that convicts must call prepaid collect or use their inmate debit calling account to obtain calls to mobile phones.

What are some of the terms that New Yorkers use differently?

Continue reading to learn about six things you’ll only hear in New York.

  • The terms “merry,” “marry,” and “Mary” are likely to be pronounced differently in New York.
  • They also add “sear-up” to their pancakes.
  • New Yorkers use a distinct kind of “crayon” than the rest of the country.

What do you call the people who live in New York?

A New Yorker is a resident of the state of New York. Residents of the state are likewise divided into two groups: “The City” and “Upstate.” Of course, “The City” refers to New York City, while “Upstate” refers to the rest of the state.

How do New Yorkers communicate?

Pick up on the “attitude” in the rhythms of your speech.

It’s less about what you say and more about how you say it if you want to seem like a New Yorker. When speaking, use strong, passionate tones. To emphasize the vowels, make them as long as possible. Add an additional “r” to words that finish in a vowel, such as “that’s an excellent idear.”

What does the letter B symbolize in New York?

In New York, what does the letter “B” signify in the phrase “What up, B?” It is short for “Brother or “Bro” if you hear it from those who attended public schools in New York City. “Naw, B.” or “Yeah, B.” are common responses to queries or remarks. You could also hear “Son,” “Cuz,” or “Primo” used in this manner.

What does the abbreviation GTL stand for?

GTL is an acronym that defines a daily ritual of Gym, tanning, and laundry. It originated on the reality television show The Jersey Shore, and is occasionally alluded to in the online “manosphere” or the world of men focused on picking up women. Related words: guido.

On Facebook, what is Gkt stand for?

GKT It’s Important to Understand the Internet » Chat Rate it:
GKT Community » Educational » General Knowledge Test Rate it:
GKT Unclassified » George K Thiruvathukal Miscellaneous Rate it:
GKT Miscellaneous » Gono Kallyan Trust Unclassified Rate it:
GKT Miscellaneous » Guilty Knowledge Test Unclassified Rate it:

In roleplaying, what does PTK stand for?

Killing Permission

In texting, what is GMO stand for?

Organisms that have been genetically modified

What does the acronym YW stand for in the urban dictionary?

“You’re welcome” is an acronym. Person A: Your new profile photo is just adorable! Person B: I appreciate it! YW, says Person A. More terms with the same meaning may be found here: Acronyms for the internet, texting, SMS, email, and chat (list of).

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