“Pronounced “p-teen” by young people to feel grown up and sophisticated, it means ‘pretty much’. It’s a term that is sometimes used as an adjective or adverb.”

The “ptn meaning french” is a slang term that has been used in texting for quite some time. It is often used to describe someone who is not worth the time or effort.

What does PTN mean in texting? |

PTN stands for Person to Notify. Only slang/internet slang Definitions are shown (show all 29 Definitions)

What does PTN stand for in this context?


Acronym Definition
PTN Network of Public Telephones
PTN Network for Packet Transport (computer networking)
PTN Primary Public Transportation System (various locations)
PTN Personal Contact Information

What exactly is PTM stand for? Please let me know.

Aside from that, what is the medical term for PTN?

Explanation and Answer: PTN is a medical abbreviation with many meanings. Pleiotrophin or pyramidal tract neuron are two possibilities. Pleiotrophin is a protein of the pleiotrophin family.

In French, what does WSH stand for?

“Cc” and “wsh” in French (France) mean “Hi, hey” and “Cc” and “wsh” mean “Hi, hey” and “Cc” and “wsh” mean “Hi, hey” and “Cc” and “wsh” mean “Hi, hey” and “Cc” and “w

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What does PNT stand for in terms of medicine?

Tube for Percutaneous Nephrostomy

What does 420 represent in terms of sexuality?

The word “420 friendly” basically suggests that the individual smokes or is willing to smoke marijuana. This does not always imply that the individual must be in the company of a smoker, although it is occasionally preferable.

What exactly does PTA stand for?

Noun that can be counted. A PTA is a parent-teacher organization that meets at the school to discuss issues that affect the students and to arrange fundraising activities. The acronym PTA stands for ‘parent-teacher association.’

In texting, what is Ouf stand for?

The Unifying Force’s Order

In texting, what does DTM stand for?

To Me, It’s Dead

What exactly is WTTP stand for?

Do you want to trade photos?

In court, what does PTM stand for?


Acronym Definition
PTM Mode of Packet Transfer
PTM Please interact with the museum (Philadelphia, PA)
PTM Modulation of Pulse Time
PTM Plain Truth Magazine is a journal that publishes the truth (ministry publication)

What exactly is YRO stand for?

Your Online Rights

What does WSH mean?

Strange Things Happen

What is the meaning of MDR?


Acronym Definition
MDR Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk is a radio station in Germany (German Radio and TV Station)
MDR Drug Resistance to Multiple Drugs (of a disease; medical)
MDR Madera is a town in the state of California (Amtrak station code; Madera, CA)
MDR Rire’s Death (French: Died of Laughing)

In French slang, how do you say hello?

5 French Greetings to Use When Saying Hello

  1. Bonjour! – Hello!
  2. Salut! — Hello there!
  3. Coucou! – Hello, there!
  4. Is there anything new? – How are you?
  5. Hello, Allô?
  6. Good-bye! – Goodbye!
  7. Salut! – Bye-bye!
  8. I’m sorry, but I must go – I’m sorry, but I must depart.

In French, what does GG stand for?

Good Game